Guterres condemns Iran's attack but criticizes Israel. Israeli War Cabinet Minister: 'We will build a regional coalition against Tehran' Biden to Netanyahu: 'Stop the counteroffensive' (ANSA) Iran: 'US bases at risk if they participate in Israel's response' G7 appeal, stop hostilities in Gaza and release hostages.

Iran summons ambassadors from GB, France and Germany. The Pope: 'The spiral of violence must stop in the Middle East' The IDF: 'At the moment we do not intend to extend our military operations' Israel: 'Over 300 drones and missiles launched against Israel' The G7: 'All objectives in the Iranian attack on Israel have been achieved' The White House: 'Iran's response is deserved for its crimes' The Israeli military: 'It's positive that Iran's positive objectives have been accomplished' The Iranian media: 'If Israel reacts to the attack, we will attack again' The U.S. State Department: 'Israel's response to the Iranian drone attack was appropriate and proportionate'