The first beauty contest in the world dates back to 1880, and now it is about women who do not exist in real life. The election will take into account technology, beauty, and influence on social networks.

The event is part of a new global awards program for the AI creator economy called the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards. All-digital AI superstars like Emily Pellegrini and Aitana López are racking up millions of followers, signing brand deals, and raising money. In fact, the value of the AI creator economy is expected to surpass $1 billion by the end of the year, according to a report by the New York-based AI think tank, the AI Institute (AII). The first Miss AI pageant is billed as "a monumental leap forward," having launched nearly 200 years after the world's first real-life beauty pageant was held in the 1880s. To participate, contestants must be original AI generations, submit only images, and will be judged on some of the classic aspects combined with skill recognition and social media influence.