Ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot proposed in consultation with the War Cabinet to immediately carry out the response decided on the day before. They argued that the longer Israel waits, the less international legitimacy it will have to attack Iran on its territory, and as time passes, the international pressures will increase.

According to senior Israeli officials, Netanyahu and other cabinet members had reservations and after the conversation he had with Biden - the proposal was dropped. President Biden told Prime Minister Netanyahu in their phone call last night that he must think carefully and strategically about the danger of escalation, as a result of an Israeli response. "We think they should be careful," said the American official. "The Israelis should make the decision about the response. But they came out victorious from last night's incident," the official added. The Iranians sent a message to the US through the Swiss government, according to which the incident was over as far as Iran was concerned. "Our goal is to avoid escalation and to avoid a regional conflict and not to expand the crisis beyond Gaza," the US official said.