Two walkers made a macabre discovery in the Notre-Dame national forest, on the edge of Noiseau (Val-de-Marne) The remains are those of a man aged 20 to 45 years old whose death dates back less than 10 years. A search operation was carried out a few days later.

Around ten lumbar vertebrae were discovered in the same sector of the forest. Some of these bones show bite marks, according to a source close to the investigation. The case remains unclear at this stage, analyzes carried out at the Paris forensic institute have made it possible to determine that these human remains are Those of aMan aged 20-45 years old. “No hypothesis is favored,” specifies the Créteil public prosecutor’s office. The investigation is ongoing. The discovery was confirmed this Sunday, April 14 by thecréteils public prosecutor's office. It is not known if the remains are of a woman or a man.