Gabriel Attal was interviewed Thursday evening by BFMTV on the occasion of these first 100 days in Matignon. The head of government presented earlier in the day a series of proposals against violence among young people.

But he also addressed questions of purchasing power, the Olympic Games, or the situation in the Middle East. Here's what you need to remember from this interview. The Prime Minister also announced that he would inaugurate a first boarding school on Monday "which will accommodate around sixty young people" with poor attendance. He also denounced "Islamist entryism" advocating "the precepts of sharia, particularly in our schools." "We cannot be disinterested in what our children do," he insisted, recalling that he also pleaded this Thursday for fines to be put in place for parents who do not attend the summons of juvenile judges. He declared that commitments "contracts" between establishments, parents, and children would come into force. He also defended his plan to reform unemployment insurance, believing that there was a collective interest in having more French people working. The Prime Minister also called for “limiting absences” and “covering them better” at the school. “France aims to be among the best, he said, recalling the president's wish to bring in the most difficult students before the others, from August 20. The PM said "to think about other measures," in particular to technically prohibit those under 13 from accessing social networks. He declared that there would be a 'a welcome' to a measure announced this Thursday morning, adding that it would be a'very welcome' measure for the French public. He said that the government "will never attack working French people", adding: "I'm not going to tell you that we're going to start increasing taxes after having lowered them. This is not our logic at all.