Watching a sunset can give you an extra boost to your emotional state, a study shows. Awe is typically a difficult emotion to evoke, but feelings of awe can improve mood, increase positive emotions, and reduce stress.

People prefer sunsets to storms, rainbows, clear blue skies or nighttime landscapes. When is the best time of year to see a sunset? What makes a sunrise and a sunset so vivid? And can we predict them? What is going on in the ATMOSPHERE when the SUN RISES or SETs? When the sun rises or sets, its position moves tangentially to the ground. As this path lengthens, sunlight can reach more molecules in the air. Longer wavelengths, such as B. Orange and red, give us the iconic colors of sunset and sunrise. Blues and purples are filtered out, but oranges and reds can pass through unhindered. Summer is a difficult time to watch sunsets due to increased air pollution, caused by forest fires for example.