The accidents occurred on Thursday (April 18) around 1:55 a.m. in a section of a few minutes and meters on the A95 motorway near Ohlstadt.

There were two injured and extensive damage. The southbound lane of the motorway was closed for a long time as a result of the accidents. The driver of a Subaru, who skidded in the right lane on conditions similar to black ice, and his 39-year-old passenger were uninjured. The Subaru, which according to the police had summer tires and had to be recovered by a towing service, suffered damage of around 15,000 euros. In addition, four guardrail fields were damaged (around 1000 euros worth of damage). The Hyundai, which was badly damaged and no longer drivable, had to be towed away. The two passengers (56 years old and 27 years old) were taken to a hospital by emergency services with minor injuries.