French clubs will only send four representatives to the Champions League next season because of AS Roma's qualification for the Europa League and that of Fiorentina for the last four of the Europa Conference League. Italy is guaranteed of finishing the current season in the first two places in the UEFA index.

France still has a slim hope after the qualifications of Paris Saint-Germain in C1, and Olympique de Marseille in C3. They currently rank fourth, behind England (3rd) and Germany (2nd), and therefore Italy (2nd). Next year, the Champions League will change format next season, with 36 teams participating in the group stage, compared to 32 until this season. France will send four players, three directly in the group stage and another in the preliminary round. For the 2025-2026 season, France is guaranteed to send at least as many representatives to the Champions League, thanks to its fifth place in the overall UEFA index due to its ranking in the top five.