Around ten CRS were violently attacked, leaving a bar in Ajaccio (Southern Corsica) on the night of Friday April 12 to 13, by a group of around twenty individuals. An investigation was opened by his prosecutor's office for "violence in meetings against persons holding public authority." Five of the nine civil servants were allocated five and six days of total incapacity for work (ITT), according to our information.

The hearings are continuing to clarify the circumstances of the facts. The investigation was entrusted to the interdepartmental direction of the national police (DIPN) of Corsica-du-Sud, Nicolas Septe, the public prosecutor of Ajaccia, told Parisian, confirming information from the Actu17 site. The CRS 54 from Marseille and 5 from Massy (Essonne) were detached to the Isle of Beauty for a "security operation," as happens regularly, according to the public prosecutor, Nicolas Septe. One of the CRS was visibly "recognized by a man he would have fined earlier in the day.