The Finance Committee approved the regulations comparing the amount of the license fee for electric vehicles to the license fee for non-electric vehicles. The regulations were approved at the end of a stormy debate after the proposal for them had already been rejected once.

The Ministry of Finance, with the support of the Minister of Transportation Miri Regev, stated in the explanation of the regulations that the impact of electric vehicles on the infrastructure and the resulting economic costs, as well as the costs of handling them, in the licensing system, they are no different from non-electric vehicles.MK Yanon Azoulai (Shas): "It can't be that with one hand they tell us to encourage green, subsidize, and tax, and with the other hand they do the opposite. Do you want to introduce a travel tax? When, how much? And how does it work out with the environment and health? It will benefit traffic jams "Will they travel less?".MK Noor Shiri (Yesh Atid): "The state does not want to encourage electric vehicles,. It's money, it's revenue for it."