The investigation into the death of the 15-year-old teenager was reclassified as premeditated murder after the father and his two sons were placed in police custody on Thursday. The alleged perpetrator of the fatal blow, aged 26, is indicted for murder, but not the three others.

The father, aged 59, “at the origin of the punitive expedition” is for his part indicted for complicity in assassination. The 16- year-old son, ‘who agreed to strike, at the father’s request’, is indict for willful violence with premeditation. The fourth and last man, aged 27 and son-in-law of the father of the family, who “drove the vehicle leading the three men to the Monnaie district and who participated in their escape”, is indictment for complicity. The prosecution requested the placement of the three adults indicted, ages 26 to 59, as well as the placement in a closed educational center under judicial supervision.