Only 11 percent of electric car drivers required breakdown service in the past twelve months, while the rate for combustion engine users was 19 percent. Electric vehicles had to go to the workshop more often during the same period.

Technical defects had to be repaired particularly often in vehicles from Skoda, Audi and Opel, with around one in three cars causing problems. Vehicles from Mercedes (13 percent), BMW (7 percent) and Nissan (6 percent) performed significantly better. 19 percent of the work took longer than initially expected. For the combustion engine, this value is only 6 percent. The main problem is the high accident repair costs of electric cars - they are on average a third more expensive than combustion engines. However, drivers of combustion engines will soon have to expect higher vehicle insurance premiums again, because repair costs in workshops are generally rising due to the increasingly complex technology in cars. You can find even more exciting car topics in the free newsletter from our partner The study was carried out by market observers from   Uscale.