Eleven members of a team of traffickers in open war against another clan were arrested on Monday by Ofast. The operation likely to enhance the judicial police in the fight against drug trafficking.

The dismantling of the Belle de Mai network should, hopes a person close to the matter, “should put an end to the bloody spiral of vendetta in which these two teams were engaged” “More than during the Place Nete organized for the president’s visit, during which 150 police officers found 24 kg of hash,” laughs a source close toThe matter. An investigation into murder has been opened. The brother of one of the thinking heads was shot dead a few hours before his arrest in the district of la Joliette (2nd arrondissement). This young man, aged around twenty, was killed by at least 14 shots from an automatic weapon. A tragic coincidence of the calendar, as his brother was also to be arrested Monday morning by PJ investigators. The investigation began in the summer of 2023.