Cars have numerous indicator lights. But what do the symbols and colors mean and how do you react when they light up? Yellow or orange indicator lights indicate that there is a problem that should be checked promptly.

A circle with three lines on the right and left indicates wear on the brake pads or too little brake fluid. If a horseshoe-like symbol with an exclamation mark appears, the air pressure in the tire is too low and needs to be checked at the nearest gas station. If you see a car with two S's in front of the wheels, the electronic stabilization program (ESP) usually intervenes. If there is also a warning tone, it is probably just the handbrake that is still on. This symbol is also similar to the indicator light that indicates problems with the anti-lock braking system (ABS) In this case, the circle says ABS and the symbol is yellow instead of red. The check engine light can light up either red or yellow. In both cases, you should visit a workshop immediately.