Nine people will be tried on June 27 before the Évreux criminal court, the prosecutor announced on Friday. They are suspected of intrusion and the kidnapping of a guard in a Lafarge cement plant in Val-de-Reuil (Eure) on December 10.

Of the 17 people arrested on Monday, eight were released "due to the insufficiency of the charges brought against them", specifies the prosecutor. “Some people were arrested very violently,” said Enora Chopard, elected EELV in the city of Rouen and spokesperson for the support committee for those arrested on April 8. ‘This operation demonstrates a desire to criminalize political opponents assumed by the government while the climate emergency is there,’ she added. In a press release, several associations, collectives or unions, including Attac, the Uprisings of the Earth, the Seine-Maritime Peasant Confederation, the Solidaires Trade Union, expressed surprise at “the recurrent use of anti-terrorism to demonize the mobilizations which threaten industrial lobbies”