The Dacia Spring was launched in 2021 as a cheap electric car that took some getting used to. The Romanian Renault subsidiary sold 140,000 examples of the first generation, including 31,000 in Germany.

The facelift has a good chance of doing just as well. Why? Because there is still a lack of competition. This year, Stellantis is one of the few competitors to bring the Citroën C3 Electric onto the market. The closely related electric Fiat Panda will be presented in July, but sales will not take place until the end of the year and the ID.2 will not be launched at the VW Group until 2026 at the earliest. Dacia, which has another affordable car on offer with the Sandero, offers a special extra that is not normally found in the small car class: the power-to-load function. The car battery can be tapped using an adapter, for example to charge an electric bike. It would be rare for someone to take an espresso machine with them for a walk in the forest.