Workers went on strike at two of the technology giant's offices in the US. Protests were directed against the "Nimbus" project, a joint contract between Google and Amazon worth $1.2 billion.

As part of the project, the two companies provide cloud services and computing infrastructure to the Israeli government. Last month an employee was fired for lashing out at the company's CEO in Israel, Barak Regev, during a conference in New York. The protests were held a day after pro-Palestinian activists blocked roads and the way to airports across the United States, in a coordinated series of demonstrations against Israel's fighting in the Gaza Strip and U.S. military support for the country. The company has faced public pressure for its involvement in the Nimbos project, in which Google won alongside Amazon, with the signing of the contract worth 1.2 billion dollars. Google has refused to comment on the protests, but a spokesperson for the company has said that the company is committed to working with all of its employees.