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Death Penalty in the US: Texas Tells Murderers


It was the 14th execution in the US since the beginning of the year: In Texas, the judiciary has let an inmate be killed with lethal injection. Before his death, he published his views on the death penalty.

In the state of Texas, the judiciary has executed a convicted murderer. 64-year-old Billy Crutsinger officially died Wednesday night (local time) in Huntsville after administering a lethal injection.

He was sentenced to death in 2003 for the murder of an 89-year-old woman and her 71-year-old daughter. Crutsinger had stabbed the two according to the verdict and then stole a credit card and a car. He was employed by the women to work in their home in Fort Worth, Texas.

After the murder, he escaped, but was arrested after a short time, because he had settled with the stolen credit card bill in a bar. In court, the defense had argued that Crutsinger had become an alcoholic after the death of several family members. After consuming alcohol, he became aggressive.

Executions since 1976

Crutsingers wrote before his death, "Where I go, everything will be colorful." He said that he was "not completely correct", but not entirely wrong about the death penalty: "It is something that has to be done until something better comes along."

In Texas, a convicted murderer had recently been executed: 48-year-old Larry Swearingens was sentenced to death for rape and murder of a 19-year-old student in 1998, but until recently he asserted his innocence. At the end of August, the authorities killed him with a lethal injection.

date Surname Ethnic Origin Federal State
01/13/2015 Andrew Brannan white Georgia
01/15/2015 Johnny Kormondy white Florida
01/15/2015 Charles Warner African-American Oklahoma
01/21/2015 Arnold Prieto Latino Texas
01/27/2015 Warren Hill African-American Georgia
01/29/2015 Robert Ladd African-American Texas
04/02/2015 Donald Newbury white Texas
02/11/2015 Walter Storey white Missouri
03/11/2015 Manuel Vasquez Latino Texas
03/17/2015 Cecil Clayton white Missouri
09/04/2015 Kent Sprouse white Texas
04/14/2015 Andre Cole African-American Missouri
15/04/2015 Manuel Garza Latino Texas
05/12/2015 Derrick Charles African-American Texas
06/03/2015 Lester Bower white Texas
09/06/2015 Richard Strong African-American Missouri
06/18/2015 Gregory Russeau African-American Texas
07/14/2015 David Zink white Missouri
08/12/2015 Daniel Lopez Latino Texas
09/01/2015 Roderick Nunley African-American Missouri
09/30/2015 Kelly Gissendaner white Georgia
01/10/2015 Alfredo Prieto Latino Virginia
06/10/2015 Juan Garcia Latino Texas
14/10/2015 Licho Escamilla Latino Texas
29/10/2015 Jerry Correll white Florida
18/11/2015 Raphael Holiday African-American Texas
19/11/2015 Marcus Johnson white Georgia
09/12/2015 Brian Terrell African-American Georgia
07/01/2016 Oscar Bolin white Florida
01/20/2016 Richard Masterson white Texas
01/21/2016 Christopher Brooks white Alabama
01/27/2016 James Freeman white Texas
03/02/2016 Brandon Jones African-American Georgia
02/16/2016 Gustavo Garcia Latino Texas
02/17/2016 Travis Hittson white Georgia
09/03/2016 Coy Wesbrook white Texas
03/22/2016 Adam Ward white Texas
03/31/2016 Joshua Bishop white Georgia
06/04/2016 Pablo Vasquez Latino Texas
04/12/2016 Kenneth Fults African-American Georgia
04/27/2016 Daniel Lucas white Georgia
05/11/2016 Earl Forrest white Missouri
07/15/2016 John Conner white Georgia
05/10/2016 Barney Fuller white Texas
19/10/2016 Gregory Lawler white Georgia
16/11/2016 Steven Spears white Georgia
06/12/2016 William Sallie white Georgia
08/12/2016 Ronald Smith white Alabama
01/11/2017 Christopher Wilkins white Texas
01/18/2017 Ricky Gray African-American Virginia
01/26/2017 Terry Edwards African-American Texas
01/31/2017 Mark Christeson white Missouri
07/03/2017 Rolando Ruiz Latino Texas
03/14/2017 James Bigby white Texas
04/20/2017 Ledell Lee African-American Arkansas
04/24/2017 Jack Jones white Arkansas
04/24/2017 Marcel Williams African-American Arkansas
04/27/2017 Kenneth Williams African-American Arkansas
05/17/2017 JW Ledford white Georgia
05/26/2017 Thomas Arthur white Alabama
08/06/2017 Robert Melson African-American Alabama
07/06/2017 William Morva white Virginia
07/26/2017 Ronald Phillips white Ohio
07/27/2017 TaiChin Preyor African-American Texas
08/24/2017 Mark Asay white Florida
09/13/2017 Gary Otte white Ohio
05/10/2017 Cary Lambrix white Florida
12/10/2017 Robert Pruett white Texas
19/10/2017 Torrey McNabb African-American Alabama
08/11/2017 Patrick Hannon white Florida
08/11/2017 Ruben Cardenas Latino Texas
01/18/2018 Anthony Shore white Texas
01/30/2018 William Rayford African-American Texas
02/01/2018 John Battaglia white Texas
02/22/2018 Eric Branch white Florida
03/15/2018 Michael Eggers white Alabama
03/15/2018 Carlton Gary African-American Georgia
03/27/2018 Rosendo Rodriguez Latino Texas
04/19/2018 Walter Moody white Alabama
04/25/2018 Erick Davila African-American Texas
05/04/2018 Robert Butts African-American Georgia
05/16/2018 Juan Castillo Latino Texas
06/27/2018 Danny Bible white Texas
07/17/2018 Christopher Young African-American Texas
07/18/2018 Robert Van Hook white Ohio
09/08/2018 Billy Irick white Tennessee
08/14/2018 Carey Moore white Nebraska
09/26/2018 Troy Clark white Texas
09/27/2018 Daniel Acker white Texas
29/10/2018 Rodney Berget white South Dakota
01/11/2018 Edmund Zagorski white Tennessee
14/11/2018 Roberto Ramos Latino Texas
04/12/2018 Joseph Garcia Latino Texas
06/12/2018 David Miller white Tennessee
12/11/2018 Alvin Braziel African-American Texas
13/12/2018 Jose Jimenez Latino Florida
01/30/2019 Robert Jennings African-American Texas
07/02/2019 Domineque Ray African-American Alabama
02/28/2019 Billie Coble white Texas
04/24/2019 John King white Texas
05/02/2019 Scotty Morrow African-American Georgia
05/16/2019 Michael Samra white Alabama
05/16/2019 Donnie Johnson white Tennessee
05/23/2019 Robert Long white Florida
05/31/2019 Christopher Price white Alabama
06/20/2019 Marion Wilson African-American Georgia
08/19/2019 Stephen M. West white Tennessee
08/21/2019 Larry Swaringen white Texas
08/22/2019 Gary Bowles white Florida

Source: Death Penalty Information Center

Crutsinger is the 14th prisoner to be executed in the United States this year. In Texas, the state with the most executions in decades, there were already five executions this year, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Source: spiegel

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