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More than 500 public figures commit to the independence of Le Monde Group


TRIBUNE. Public figures ask "The World" 's owners to guarantee editorial independence by granting a right of approval for new controlling shareholders.

We, readers of The World, Telerama, International Mail or Life ; The World Group in their efforts to defend an inalienable value: the independence of the World newspaper.

We believe in the world , we pledge our support for its independence, especially at this potential turning point in its history, as industrialists are coveting and seeking to bring influence to bear on the general press, jeopardizing the model of editorial freedom and economic development exemplified by the World Group in particular. Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel, Matthieu Pigasse, on the one hand, and the staff of The World, on the other, who then approves their acquisition of a stake in the newspaper.

Because it serves the purpose of this agreement, it will enable the Pole of Independence of the World Group, an entity made up of the World's Journalists and other staff, readers and founders, to decide in a future interest in Le Monde. In an age in which even facts are contested, the freedom and independence of the press are more important than ever.

(translated by Eric Rosencrantz)

More than 500 signatures

Dominique A (singer) · Philippe Aghion (professor at the Collège de France) · Sophia Aram (comedian) · Yann Arthus-Bertrand (photographer and director) · Kader Attia (visual artist) · Paul Auster (writer) · Elisabeth Badinter (philosopher) · Robert Badinter (lawyer) · Russell Banks (writer) · Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (virologist Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2008) · Jane Birkin (singer) · Christian Boltanski (visual artist) · Patrick Boucheron (professor at the Collège de France) · William Boyd (writer) · Sophie Calle (artist) · Emmanuel Carrère (writer) · Barbara Cassin (philosopher) · Christine and the Queens (singer) · Kamel Daoud (writer) · Luc Dardenne (filmmaker) · Jean-Pierre Dardenne (filmmaker · Raymond Depardon (photographer and director) · Arnaud Desplechin (filmmaker) · Manu Dibango (musician) · Annie Ernaux (writer) · Marcel Gauchet (historian) · Serge Haroche (physicist Nobel Prize in Physics 2012) · Axel Honn eth (German sociologist) · Nicolas Hulot (honorary president of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation) · Isabelle Huppert (actress) · Nancy Huston (writer) · Elias Khoury (writer) · Naomi Klein (essayist) · Rem Koolhaas (architect) · Bruno Latour (philosopher) Vincent Lindon (actor) Jonathan Littell (writer) Ken Loach (filmmaker) Annette Messager (visual artist) Ariane Mnouchkine (director of Théâtre du Soleil) Edgar Morin (sociologist) Cees Nooteboom ( writer) · Mona Ozouf (historian) · Michelle Perrot (historian) · Renzo Piano (architect) · Thomas Piketty (economist) · Denis Podalydès (actor and director) · Olivier Py (author director of the Avignon Festival) · Matthieu Ricard (Buddhist monk) · Catherine Ringer (singer) · Pierre Rosanvallon (professor at the Collège de France) · Salman Rushdie (writer) · Edward Snowden (whistleblower) · Timothy Snyder (Yale university professor) · Lili Thuram (Lilian Thuram Foundation - Education against Racism) · Lech Walesa (Nobel Peace Prize) · Roschdy Zem (actor) · Michel Agier (anthropologist) · Samir Ait (Syrian economist) · Wadih Al-Asmar (President of Euromed Rights) · Hippolyte d'Albis (economist) · Cécile Alduy (semiologist) · Vassilis Alexakis (writer) · CharlineAhmet Altan (journalist and writer) · Mehmet Altan (journalist and writer) · Daniel Andler (philosopher) · Christophe André (psychiatrist · Etienne Anheim (historian) · Keren Ann (singer) · Philippe Aractingi (Lebanese filmmaker) · Pierre Arditi (actor) · Ariane Ascaride (actress) · Olivier Assayas (filmmaker) · Jacques Attali (essayist) · Stéphane Audeguy (writer) · Serge Audier (philosopher) · Souleymane Bachir Diagne (philosopher) · Bertrand Badie (political scientist) · Antoine de Baecque (historian) · Pénélope Bagieu (cartoonist) · Joseph Bahout (political scientist at the Carnegie Foundation) · Mohamed Bajrafil ( theologian) · Josiane Balasko (actress) · Etienne Balibar (philosopher) · Eric Baratay (historian) · Romain Bardet (cyclist) · Neil Barsky (Marshall Project founder) · Jean-Pierre Bat (historian) · Christian Baudelot (sociologist) · Vincent Baudriller (director of the Vidy-Lausanne theater) · Laurent Bayle, director (general of the Cité de la musique, president of the Philharmonie) · Emmanuelle Béart (actress) · Stéphane Beaud (sociologist) · Olivier Beaud (lawyer) · Alex Beaupain (composer) · Georges-Henri Beauthier (lawyer) · Tahar Ben Jelloun (writer) · Agnès Bénassy-Quéré (economist) · Saïd Bensaid (producer) · Rachid Benzine (islamologist) · Charles Berling (actor) · Laurent Bigorgne (general director of the Montaigne Institute) · Juliette Binoche (actress) · Benjamin Biolay (singer) · Pierre Birnbaum (sociologist) · Karim-Emile Bitar (political scientist at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut) · Jean Blaise (director of art) sect) · Bernard Blistène (director of the National Museum of Modern Art) · Loïc Blondiaux (political scientist) · Blutch (author of comics) · David Bobée (director) · Gilles Boeuf (biologist) · Dermot Bolger (writer) · Pascal Boniface (director of IRIS) · Jacques Bonnaffé (actor) · Patrick Bouchain (architect) · Grégoire Bouillier (writer) · Nina Bouraoui (writer) · William Bourdon (lawyer) · Dominique Bourg (philosopher) · Charline Bourgeois- Tacquet (director) · Antoine Bozio (economist) · Rachida Brakni (actress) · Rony Brauman (doctor) · Christina von Braun (professor at the Humboldt University of Berlin) · Stéphane Braunschweig (director of the Odeon Theater of the Europe) · Jean-François Braunstein (philosopher) · Emile Bravo (author of comics) · Vincent Brengarth (lawyer) · Gérald Bronner (sociologist) · Peter Brook (director) · Pascal Bruckner (writer) · Fabienne Brugère ( philosopher) · Philippe De Bruycker (professor at the Free University of Brussels) · Florence Burgat (philosopher) · Dominique Cabrera (filmmaker) · Julia Cagé (economist) · Thomas Cailley (scriptwriter) · Camille (singer) · Jean-Yves Camus (political scientist · Monique Canto-Sperber (philosopher) · Romeo Castellucci (director) · Roland Castro (architect) · Philippe Caubère (comedian) · Bruno Cautrès (political scientist) · Alain Cavalier (filmmaker) · Javier Cercas (writer) · Bernard Cerquiglini (linguist) · Gilbert Cette (economist) · Jacqueline Chabbi (historian) · Christophe Charle (historian) · Boris Charmatz (choreographer) · Roger Chartier (professor at Collège de France) · Jeanne Cherhal (singer) · Hélène Cixous (writer) · Clément Cogitore (filmmaker) · Elie Cohen (economist) · Marie Collin (artistic director of the Fall Festival) · Bernard Comment (writer) · Jean-Louis Comolli (filmmaker) · Antoine Compagnon (professor at the Collège de France) · Alain Connes (mathematician, Fields Medal) · Yves Coppens (paleontologist) · Catherine Corsini (filmmaker) · Michel Crépu (writer and critic) · Didier Daeninckx (writer) · Robert Darnton (Harvard professor) · Marie Darrieussecq ( writer) · Nicolas de Crécy (author of comics) · Elisabeth de Fontenay (philosopher philosopher) · Patrick Declerck (writer) · Philippe Decouflé (choreographer) · Geneviève Delaisi of Parseval (psychoanalyst) · Nicolas Delalande (historian) · Jean- Marie Delarue (President of the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights) · Vincent Delerm (singer) · Emilie Deleuze (filmmaker) · Jean-François Delfraissy (immunologist) · Mireille Delmas-Marty (professor at the Collège de France) · Christophe Deltombe (president of the Cimade) · Pascal Delwit (professor at the Free University of Brussels) · Chris Dercon (director of the RMN-Grand Palais) · Jérôme Deschamps (director) · Philippe Descola (professor at the Collège de France) · Marie Desplechin (writer) · Vinciane Despret (philosopher) · Vikash Dhorasoo (footballer) · Fatou Diome (writer) · Cyril Dion (first director of the movement Hummingbirds) · Pape Diouf (ex- President of Olympique de Marseille) · Philippe Djian (writer) · Catherine Dolto (doctor) · Hervé Drévillon (historian) · François Dubet (sociologist) · Esther Duflo (economist) · Marc Dugain (writer and filmmaker) · Olivier Duhamel ( Constitutionalist) · Bruno Dumont (filmmaker) · Marie Duru-Bellat (sociologist) · Dominique Eddé (Lebanese writer) · Alaa El Aswany (writer) · Michel Eltchaninoff (philosopher) · Carolin Emcke (writer) · Mathias Enard (writer) · Henrik Enderlein (economist) · Arlette Farge (historian) · Didier Fassin (sociologist) · Eric Fassin (sociologist) · François-Xavier Fauvelle (professor at the Collège de France) · Mona Fawaz (professor at the america university Beirut) · Luiz Felipe de Alencastro (historian) · Fellag (comedian) · Pascale Ferran (filmmaker) · Jérôme Ferrari (writer) · Stéphane Fière (writer) · Aurélie Filippetti (former Minister of Culture) · Jean-Pierre Filiu (historian) · Gilles Finchelstein (general director of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation) · Israel Finkelstein (director of the archeology institute of Tel Aviv University) · Lydia Flem (writer) · Cynthia Fleury (philosopher) · Michael Foessel (philosopher) · Benoît Fontaine (conservation biologist) · Philippe Forest (writer) · Martial Foucault (director of Cevipof) · Irène Frachon (pulmonologist) · Geneviève Fraisse (philosopher) · Étienne François (historian) · Thierry Frémaux (delegate) general of the Cannes Film Festival) · Denis Freyd (producer) · Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (computer scientist) · Anne-Marie Garat (writer) · Nicole Garcia (actress and filmmaker) · Thierry Garrel (documentary producer ste) · Costa Gavras (president of the Cinémathèque française) · Julie Gayet (actress) · François Gedigier (chief editor) · Etienne Ghys (mathematician) · Béatrice Giblin (director of the Hérodote magazine) · Brigitte Giraud (writer) · Fabrice Gobert (screenwriter and director) · Maurice Godelier (anthropologist) · Thomas Gomart (IFRI director) · José-Manuel Gonçalvès (director of Centquatre) · Julien Gosselinmetteur (director) · Romain Goupil (filmmaker) · Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (economist) · Robert Guédiguian (filmmaker) · Cécile Guilbert (writer) · Jean-Claude Guillebaud (essayist) · Nedim Gursel (writer) · Kadri Gürsel (Turkish journalist former political prisoner) · Guy Haarscher (professor emeritus at free university of Brussels) · Joana Hadjithomas (artist) · Hervé Hadmar (director) · Yannick Haenel (writer) · Peter Harling (director of the Synaps Analysis Center in Beirut) · Milton Hatoum (writer vain) · Anne-Lise Heimburger (actress) · Nathalie Heinich (sociologist) · Jacques Henric (writer) · Pierre Henry (general director of France Terre d'asile) · François Heran (professor at the Collège de France) · Fanny Herrero (screenwriter) · Michele Hirsch (lawyer) · Siri Hustvedt (writer) · Eva Illouz (sociologist) · Ahmet Insel (professor emeritus at Galatasaray University) · Ivan Jablonka (historian) · Alain Jakubowicz (lawyer) · Agnès Jaoui (actress) · Régis Jauffret (writer) · Nicole Jeammet (psychologist) · Philippe Jeammet (psychiatrist) · Jean-Noël Jeanneney (historian) · Alexis Jenni (writer) · Yves Jeuland (director) · Ma Jian (writer) · Laurent Joly (historian) · Serge Joncour (writer) · Khalil Joreige (artist) · Paul Jorion (anthropologist and economist) · Jean Jouzel (glaciologist) · Claire Judde de Larivière (historian) · Hedi Kaddour (writer) · Stéphanie Kalfon (writer) · Denis Kambouchner ( p hilosophe) · Jean-Claude Kaufmann (sociologist) · Maylis de Kerangal (writer) · Angélique Kidjo (singer) · Laura Kipnis (professor at Northwestern University) · Etienne Klein (physicist) · Gaspard Kœnig (philosopher) · Christoph König (philologist at the University of Osnabrück) · Andreï Kurkov (writer) · Pascale Kramer (writer) · Ivan Krastev (geopolitist) · Andreas Krieg (professor at King's College London) · Julia Kristeva (linguist) · Frédéric Krivine (writer) · Nathalie Kuperman (writer) · Jolanta Kurska (president of the Bronislaw Geremek Foundation) · Denis Lacorne (historian) · Yves Lacoste (geographer, founder of the Hérodote journal) · Laurence Lacour (author and editor) · Dany Laferrière (writer member of the French Academy) · Yanick Lahens (writer) · Bernard Lahire (sociologist) · Michel Lallement (sociologist) · Michèle Lamont (Harvard professor) · Asma Lamrabet (essayist) · Anne Landois (s · Henry Laurens (professor at the Collège de France) · Camille Laurens (writer) · Thomas Lauriot dit Prévost (co-director of Théâtre du Châtelet) · Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost (architect) · Georges Lavaudant (director) · Bernard Lavilliers ( singer) · Marc Lazar (historian) · Yvan Le Bolloch (comedian) · Hervé Le Bras (demographer) · David Le Breton (anthropologist) · Jean-Pierre Le Goff (philosopher) · Henri Leclerc (lawyer) · Renaud Legrand (costume designer) · Pierre Lemaître (writer) · Claude Lemand (gallery owner) · Frédéric Lenoir (philosopher) · Pierre Léon (filmmaker) · Vladimir Léon (filmmaker) · Jean-François Leroy (director of Visa for the image) · David Lescot (director stage) · Pierre Lescure (president of the Cannes Film Festival) · Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (director, Oscar for best documentary film in 2002) · Bernard-Henri Lévy (philosopher) · Mark Lilla (professor at Columbia University) · Antoine Lilti (historian · Sylvie Lindeperg (historian) · Stéphane Lissner (general director of the Paris Opera) · Robert Littell (writer) · Manon Loizeau (director) · Carlos Lopes (economist) · Joëlle Losfeld (editor) · Edouard Louis (writer) · Emmanuelle Loyer (historian) · Michel Lussault (geographer) · Alain Mabanckou (writer) · Vincent Macaigne (actor and director) · John R. MacArthur (president of Harper's Magazine Magazine) · Ruth Mackenzie (co-director of Théâtre du Châtelet) · Frank Madlener (president of IRCAM) · Jamal Mahjoub (writer) · Aïssa Maïga (actress) · Charif Majdalani (writer) · Macha Makeïeff (director of the Théâtre de la Criée) · Marie-José Malis (director) · Pierre Manent (philosopher) · Jean-Paul Manganaro (writer) · Olivier Mantei (director of the Opera Comique and Bouffes du Nord) · Jean-Luc Marion (philosopher member of the French Academy) · Tonie Marshall (director) · Husband e Masmonteil (producer) · Nicolas Mathieu (writer) · Pierre Mathiot (director of Sciences Po Lille) · Daniel Maximin (writer) · Guillaume Mazeau (historian) · Patricia Mazuy (filmmaker) · Achille Mbembe (philosopher) · Lisa McInerney (writer ) · Caroline Mécary (lawyer) · Dominique Méda (sociologist) · Philippe Meirieu (pedagogue) · Pierre-Michel Menger (professor at the Collège de France) · Agnès Merlet (filmmaker) · Vincent Message (writer) · Arnaud Meunier (director of the comedy of Saint-Etienne) · Yves Michaud (philosopher) · Adam Michnik (founder of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza) · Radu Mihaileanu (filmmaker) · Catherine Millet (writer) · Oury Milshtein (actor) · Frédéric Mion (general director of Sciences in · Christophe Miossec (singer) · Dror Mishani (writer) · Tarek Mitri (director of the Issam Fares Institute of the American University of Beirut) · Kamel Mohanna (director of the Lebanese NGO Amel) · Dominiq ue Moll (filmmaker) · Claude Mollard (visual artist) · Thierry de Montbrial (president of IFRI) · Gérard Mordillat (novelist filmmaker) · François Morel (actor) · Richard Morgiève (writer) · Baptiste Morizot (philosopher) · Marie -Rose Moro (child psychiatrist) · Glenn W. Most (teacher at the Pisa Normal Scuola) · Wajdi Mouawad (director of Hill Theater) · Yascha Mounk (professor at Johns Hopkins University) · Scholastique Mukasonga (writer) · Laure Murat (professor at the University of Los Angeles) · Lionel Naccache (neurologist and neuroscientist) · Charbel Nahas (Lebanese economist) · Olivier Nakache (filmmaker) · Tobie Nathan (ethnopsychiatrist) · Pap Ndiaye (historian) · Susan Neiman (director the Einstein Forum) · Stan Neumann (Director) · Christophe Nick (producer and director) · Noiriel (historian) · Pierre Nora (historian) · Stanislas (director of the National Theater of Strasbourg) Claudine Nougaret (filmmaker) · Jean Nouvel (Architect) · Kako Nubukpo (Economist) · Nicolas Offenstadt (historian) · Maurice Olender (historian) · John Olle-Laprune (film historian) · Maya Ombasic (writer) · Erik Orsenna (writer member of the French Academy) · Pascal Ory (historian) · Carlo Ossola (professor at the Collège de France) · Jean-Michel Othoniel (artist) · Lioudmila Ulitskaya (writer) · Rithy Panh (filmmaker) · Thierry Pech (general director of Terra Nova) · Corine Pelluchon (philosopher) · Daniel Pennac (writer) · Dominique Perrault (architect) · Gilles Perret (director) · Pascal Perrineau (political scientist) · Thomas Philippon (economist) · Thomas Pierret (sociologist) · Jean-Philippe Pierron (philosopher) · Ernest Pignon-Ernest (visual artist) · Jean Pisani-Ferry (economist) · Bernard Pivot (writer) · Bruno Podalydès (filmmaker) · Joël Pommerat (director) · Christian de Portzamparc (architect) · Chri stophe Prochasson (president of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) · Sabine Prokhoris (philosopher) · Antoine Prost (historian) · Bernadette Puijalon (anthropologist) · Yann Quéffelec (writer) · Josep Ramoneda (philosopher) · Ron Rash (writer · Milo Rau (Ghent Theater Director) · Thomas Renard (senior researcher at the Egmont Institute) · Jacques Revel (historian) · Thomas B. Reverdy (writer) · Dominique Reynié (political scientist) · Jean-Michel Ribes (director of the Rond-Point Theater) · Michèle Richman (Professor at the University of Pennsylvania) · Michelle Riot-Sarcey (historian) · Marie-Monique Robin (director and writer) · Olivier Rolin (writer) · François Rollin (actor) · Thomas Römer (professor at the Collège de France) · Paul Rondin (delegate director of the Avignon Festival) · Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig (magistrate) · Elisabeth Roudinesco (historian) · Dominique Rousseau (constitutional expert) · Olivier Roy (politician) ste) · Eric Ruf (general director of the French Comedy) · Jean-Christophe Rufin (writer member of the French Academy) · Christophe Ruggia (filmmaker) · Vladimir Safatle (philosopher) · Nizar Saghieh (director of the NGO Legal Agenda ) · François Saint-Pierre (lawyer) · Danièle Sallenave (writer member of the French Academy) · Lydie Salvayre (writer) · Moises Saman (photographer, member of Magnum agency) · Boualem Sansal (writer) · Felwine Sarr ( economist) · Jean-Marc Sauvé (Honorary Vice-President of the State Council) · Jean-Louis Schlegel (essayist) · Céline Sciamma (filmmaker) · Claudia Sénik (economist) · Leïla Shahid (former ambassador for Palestine in Europe) · Yves Simon (singer and writer) · Leïla Slimani (writer) · Guy Sorman (essayist) · Joy Sorman (writer) · Isabelle Stengers (philosopher) · Jean-François Stévenin (actor) · Benjamin Stora (historian) · Wolfgang Streeck (director emery Max-Planck Institute) · Sanjay Subrahmanyam (professor at the Collège de France) · Alain Supiot (honorary professor at the Collège de France) · Pierre-André Taguieff (historian) · Abdellah Taïa (writer) · Alain Tasma (director) · Bertrand Tavernier (filmmaker) · Janne Teller (writer) · Mario Telo (professor at the LUIISS in Rome and the Free University of Brussels) · Jacques Testard (biologist) · Sylvie Testud (actress) · Valérie Theis (historian) · Irène Théry (sociologist) · Marie-Jo Thiel (theologian) · Franck Thilliez (writer) · Frédéric Thiriez (lawyer) · Henri Thulliez (lawyer) · Serge Tisseron (psychiatrist) · Eric Toledano (filmmaker) · Camille de Toledo (writer) · Marina Tomé (actress) · Philippe Torreton (comedian) · Lewis Trondheim (author of comics) · Lyonel Trouillot (writer) · Nayla Tueni (editor of the Lebanese daily An-Nahar) · Cécile Van de Velde (professor at the unive rsité de Montréal) · Jean-Jacques Vanier (actor) · Caetano Veloso (Brazilian musician) · Jean-Robert Viallet (director) · Delphine de Vigan (writer) · Georges Vigarello (historian) · Marc Villemain (writer) · Jean-Pierre Vincent (director) · Eduardo Viveiros de Castro (anthropologist) · Bastien Vivès (author of comics) · Eric Vuillard (writer) · Abdourahman Waberi (writer) · Patrick Wachsmann (jurist) · Jean-Michel De Waele (Waele Professor at the Free University of Brussels) · Michael Walzer (Professor Emeritus at Princeton University) · Patrick Weil (historian) · Annette Wieviorka (historian) · Michel Wieviorka (sociologist) · Olivier Wieviorka (historian) · André Wilms (actor · Lambert Wilson (comedian) · Martin Winckler (doctor and writer) · Michel Winock (historian) · Pedro Winter (musician) · Frederick Wiseman (filmmaker) · Ben Wizner (Edward Snowden's lawyer) · Frédéric Worms (philosopher) · Valérie Zenatti (writer) · Rebecca Zlotowski (filmmaker) · Gabriel Zucman (economist) ·

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