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New York: Man allegedly killed Pitbull


In the US, a man is in court for allegedly strangling his neighbor's dog. He says: for self-protection. The owner says: It was animal cruelty.

Rex cuddles with a leopard blanket. His snout rests on the sofa, his ears are trusted. He looks up and looks a bit shy.

His owners posted the picture. On it a neon lettering emblazoned: #justiceforrex. Because Rex does not live anymore. Her neighbor Toquoc H. is said to have strangled him to protect himself and another dog from the pit bull. Toquoc H. is now in court, Rex 'owner accuse him of animal cruelty. Numerous supporters appeared on Thursday's court hearing, the New York Times reported.

They wore T-shirts with the inscription #JusticeforRex, shouting after the defendant H. "Murderer". What happened?

On the Long Island Peninsula in New York State, there was a momentous encounter between three neighboring dogs: Pitbull Rex, Golden Dudel Quincy and a nameless Shih Tzu. In the end Rex did not live anymore - Toquoc H. had strangled him to death.

While the dogs can not speak, the people involved tell quite different versions of the incident.

According to Dominic P., the neighbor's Shih Tzu bit Ps Pitbull Rex during a walk in the leg. Toquoc H. says Rex was the attacker. Both men said Toquoc H. had finally brought his Shih Tzu into the apartment.

Then Rex was again attacked, according to Dominic P., this time by a Golden Dudele named Quincy. His owner had no leash on his side, he also has to answer in court.

When Dominic P. intervened, he was bitten in the face by Quincy, Dominic P. told the police. Meanwhile, Shih Tzu owner Toquoc H. wants to have seen from his apartment how Rex bit the other dog Quincy.

Rex in a sweatbox

Toquoc H. came out of his apartment and took Rex in a headlock, squeezing his breath. So far one agrees. Toquoc H said to the police, "I choked on Rex to stop biting Quincy." When the dog let go, he continued to strangle him to keep him from falling on him, Toquoc H. instead.

He told Rex's owner to get a leash. Owner Dominic P. stated that Toquoc H. had threatened him: "Your dog will die". Quincy owner Steven R. told the New York Times that he was grateful to Toquoc H. - he had saved his dog's life.

In social networks, many users reacted angrily to the death of the pit bull. Rex not only has its own hashtag, but also an Instagram and Facebook page. The supporters and his owners accuse neighbor H. that he killed Rex because he was a pit bull.

Pitbulls are in Germany in several states on so-called racist lists. These are based on the assumption that some dog breeds are more aggressive from birth than others. However, this assumption is controversial. Also in the US there are special rules and prohibitions for aggressive dog breeds. Cities or states may even ban certain races.

Lethal attacksFighting dog debate - you must know

"Rex is our son," said co-owner Elina G. "We raised him so that everything about him is friendly." The dog owners have sued their neighbors for animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty is punished in the US as an offense, not a crime. This means lower penalties. Rex's supporters and his family want this to change. The sister of Rex 'owner Dominic P. started a petition: More than 270,000 people have already signed.

In Germany, Stafford-Terrier-Mischling "Chico" became inglorious celebrity in 2018. The dog killed its owners and was later euthanized. The responsible authorities were accused of "murder", employees received death threats.

Source: spiegel

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