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Shocking discovery in the US: Family finds 2246 embryos in the estate of a doctor


Shock for the family of a deceased doctor: While cleaning up his estate, she found 2246 preserved embryos. Where they come from is completely unclear: the police are investigating.

In a small town south of Chicago, the survivors of a recently deceased physician found in their practice rooms containers containing 2246 preserved embryos. The family of dr. Ulrich Klopfer contacted her lawyer when she found the containers on September 13, and he filed a self-report with the police.

It is still unclear from where the fetuses collected by Klopfer originate: from his former, self-operated abortion practices, or perhaps he stole them from clinics in which he worked.

Klopfer practiced since 1973 as a doctor in clinics. From 1979 to 2017 he had a regulatory approval, which allowed him to operate his own medical practices. However, it was revoked four times during this time: sometimes he violated regulations, sometimes he did not meet deadlines, sometimes he violated laws. Most recently, he was suspended for "professional incompetence" because he refused to be technically up to date.

Klopfer ignored the de facto prohibition of professional practice and simply continued until the authority finally withdrew his medical approval in early 2017. What exactly Ulrich Klopfer practiced in his last practice in a business park on the southern edge of the urban area of ​​Chicago is now the subject of a police investigation. Because there found the family of the doctor, who died on September 3, when tidying up the preserved embryos.

A doctor who collects fetuses?

That in Klopfers last practice abortions were made, but is not substantiated, let the police of Will County, about 50 kilometers south of Chicago, still know on Friday in a press release. However, Klopfer's involvement in abortions was well known: he had had abortions since 1973, including in three ambulances registered in his name in various cities, and most recently at an abortion clinic in Indiana, until this year has been closed.

At times, he was considered the "most diligent abortionist of all time", according to the regional newspaper "The Journal Gazette" from Fort Wayne, Indiana, with allegedly tens of thousands of abortions.

It was also abortions that knockers twice cost the temporary withdrawal of his admission. In the end, he was confronted with an investigation by the health authorities against him, which ended with the final withdrawal of his medical license: Klopfer had reported before the investigative committee, among other things, a case in which he committed an abortion in one of a relatives raped ten-year-old, without informing the authorities. A blatant violation of applicable law, and not an isolated case.

The deceased knocker himself was proud of his work, as can be seen from the test methods. He understood himself as a helper of women in emergency situations, in which men never came even: "It is women who have children, not men." And abortions should be their decision, and no one has the right to criticize such a decision: "It is not my place to judge them therefore," he said in 2016 before the investigative committee of the regulatory authority, he as a doctor only fulfill his role.

And apparently good: Never, he said, has he "lost in 43 years of practice" a patient. In fact, the records of his former employer showed that knockers made conspicuously few mistakes and that complications were very rare among the women he treated. The agency, however, considered it "surprising and very happy" considering that knockers lacked professional qualifications.

It was also less professional that he apparently collected embryos - for whatever reason. The police investigation has just begun, but already the case knocker water on the mills of abortion opponents. Mike Fichtner, the head of "Indiana Right to Life", an anti-abortion lobby group, addressed the press only hours after the shocking findings from Friday: "This terrible case shows why" the abortion industry needs to be kept under close scrutiny. "

Source: spiegel

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