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From the heart: the promo news of the week


Sarah Hyland thanks her brother, Chrissy Teigen posts her e-mail address and Brad Pitt is on the phone. The promo news of the week.

The thank you of the week ...

... ... Sarah Hyland addressed her brother Ian Donovan Hyland. "Two years ago, my wonderful little brother made the gift of life," Hyland wrote on Instagram. In 2017 he gave her a kidney.

Happy Kidneyversary

Sarah Hyland celebrated her Kidneyversary in those weeks: Two years ago, Brother Ian Donovan Hyland gave her a kidney.

The 28-year-old Hyland already received a donor organ in 2012, at that time from her father. But Hyland's body repelled the kidney. Later, Brother Ian came to the aid.

"Two years ago, my wonderful little brother made the gift of life," Hyland thanked Instagram. Her brother was touched: "Happy Kidneyversary to my incredible big sister," he replied.

From her second kidney transplant, the actress told only the end of last year. Significantly happier news came in July when Hyland and her friend Wells Adams announced their engagement.

28-year-old Hyland has been suffering from kidney dysplasia since her birth, a malformation of the organ. In 2012, her father already donated a kidney to her - but Hyland's body repelled the organ.

The rescue came then through brother Ian. He was touched: "Happy Kidneyversary to my unbelievable big sister, I'm so glad you live your dreams and have such a great year and life ahead of you."

The patchwork family of the week ...

... ... are formed by Antonio Banderas and ex-wife Melanie Griffith. In 2014, the couple separated, "loving and friendly", as they let communicate at that time. In an interview with the magazine "Vulture" Banderas now said that not much has changed.

"I'm no longer married to Melanie, but she's my family," he said. To this he not only counted their common daughter Stella Johnson, but also Grifftih's older children Dakota Johnson and Alexander Bauer.

Banderas and Griffith were married in 1996. Today she combines friendship rather than love: "She's probably one of my best friends," said Banderas, "if not the best friend I have."

Friends Forever

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith were a couple for 18 years, in 2014 they split up. But even today, the actor has only warm words for his ex-wife.

"I'm no longer married to Melanie, but she's my family," the 59-year-old said in an interview.

The children Griffith ', including actress Dakota Johnson (photo), Banderas described as his family.

"She's probably one of my best friends, if not the best friend I have," he said of Griffith.

For the first time in their relationship, Banderas clearly remembered: "I remember these years as very effusive and really beautiful."

The baby of the week ...

... await Alec and Hilaria Baldwin. In April, the actor's wife reported a miscarriage. Now the couple is looking forward to new blood. "It's still very early, but we know that there's a little person in me," the yoga teacher wrote on Instagram, adding a video that apparently showed the unborn child's heartbeat.

Baldwin said she did not want to hide the pregnancy. Her husband and she are very excited. But she asked paparazzi to be considerate of her and not pursue her with her cameras.

"It is still very early"

Alec Baldwin is 61 years old - and will probably be a father again.

The US actor and his more than 25 years younger partner, yoga teacher Hilaria Baldwin, look forward to their fifth child together.

The native-born Spaniard made her re-pregnancy public on Instagram. "It is still very early, but we know that there is a small person in me," wrote the 35-year-old. She also posted a video that apparently shows the heartbeat of the unborn child.

The sound of this strong heart makes me so happy, especially after the miscarriage that we had in the spring, "Baldwin wrote," We want to share this news, excited as we are, and do not want to hide the pregnancy. " mischief still sadly communicated: "There was no heartbeat in today's investigation ... so it's over."

The couple is married since 2012. In the face of her renewed pregnancy, Baldwin now wrote that her only request was that paparazzi should pay attention to her. "I want to be at peace in this early period of pregnancy, and being followed by cameras is not an order of the doctors."

The couple already has three sons and their six-year-old daughter Carmen Gabriela. From his marriage to actress Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin has his 23-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, who has recently been the subject of occasional discussions with liberal photos of herself.

The mishap of the week ...

... ... happened to Chrissy Teigen. "Damn, I posted my e-mail address," the model wrote on Twitter, apparently referring to a now-deleted tweet. A little later, calls from fans did not wait long. "Oh my God, people facet me," wrote the 33-year-old.

For at least one fan Teigen made - as a video shows - the fun and went to the phone. Shortly thereafter, her constant calls seemed to be getting too much. she wrote, "Please stop, I have a family."

Call with a "nice stranger"

Chrissy Teigen has apparently accidentally posted her e-mail address.

There was a flood of calls - she talked to at least one man and posted a short video clip of it on Twitter.

She was "100% sure" of seeing a penis, the model wrote to the clip. But Teigen had been wrong: "It was just a nice stranger."

Nice caller or not: Teigen changed her e-mail address.

Teigen is married to singer John Legend since 2013. The couple has two children.

The long-distance call of the week ...

... ... led Brad Pitt. He was on the phone with an American astronaut currently on the ISS. The conversation is part of the promotional tour for his new movie "Ad Astra - To The Stars", in which Pitt plays a NASA engineer.

"Now that I've got you out of the space station, let's talk about myself," Pitt said with a grin - and asked a few questions about life in space. "How do you manage to stay in one place all the time?" and "How does a space walk feel?". But in the last question, Pitt drew the topic to himself: "Who was more credible - Clooney or Pitt?" He asked. Astronaut Nick Hague pointed his finger at the camera: "Of course you!"

400 kilometers above the earth

From NASA's Washington headquarters, actor Brad Pitt interviewed US astronaut Nick Hague via video call.

Nick Hague has been on the International Space Station for over 180 days - 400 kilometers from Earth, he told Brad Pitt about his work as a NASA astronaut.

Pitt asked him about spacewalks, the sleep rhythm in space, and the work of the astronauts.

Hague talked about 12-hour working days, during which he and his colleagues mainly carry out scientific experiments and carry out maintenance work on the station.

Pitt plays NASA engineer Roy McBride, who travels to Neptune to find the trigger for electromagnetic storms that threaten Earth, in the new movie "Ad Astra".

Nick Hague and the team at the International Space Station have already seen the movie. The representation and the environment in the film wants to have perceived Hague as authentic.

Pitt could not resist a question and asked Hague at the end of the 20-minute conversation: "Who was more credible - Clooney or Pitt?" And Hague provided the answer Pitt probably wanted to hear: "You, of course!"

George Clooney plays alongside actress Sandra Bullock in the space movie "Gravity" starring veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski.

The confession of the week ...

... ... delivered Hailey Bieber. In an interview with Australian Vogue, she admitted that she used to have complexes because of her size. She was friends with Kendall Jenner and sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid - all catwalk models. Bieber was with her 1.72 meters, however, quite small for a model. "I felt inferior to my girlfriends," she said.

The 22-year-old model has no reason to do so. She already posed for Guess, Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren. On Instagram, more than 21 million people follow her. Meanwhile, she knew: "I do not look small in photos."

"I felt inferior to my friends"

Not only because of her more than 20 million Instagram followers, Hailey Bieber is a successful model. In October, she graces the face of Australian Vogue - and yet suffered from self-doubt, she said in an interview.

Bieber is 1.72 meters tall - and thus too small for a catwalk model. Her famous friends Kendall Jenner, as well as the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, however, are present at every fashion show. "I felt inferior to my friends," said Bieber.

Meanwhile, she has found her own way, said Bieber. "I do not look small in photos," says the 22-year-old.

In late 2018, the native Baldwin married the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. The marriage was not easy at first, she said back then. "I had to learn to share space with someone," said Bieber, who had never lived with anyone before.

Meanwhile, the Biebers seem to have got used to each other. "We found a rhythm," she said.

Source: spiegel

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