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They came in peace: UFO fans besiege Area 51


More than 1.5 million announced plans to storm Area 51 military base. There have been a few dozen. In the desert, they celebrated a largely peaceful party that does not seem completely out of this world.

Activists have suspected aliens for decades on Area 51's grounds. According to a Facebook call, more than 1.5 million people wanted to convince them of their existence - and agreed to storm the military base in the US state of Nevada. It should be ready on September 20th. And indeed some campers have settled in front of the site.

A few dozen night owls and UFO fans lined up near the heavily guarded entrance. A serious attempt to penetrate into the base, did not make the Feierwütigen. However, according to the AP news agency, at least two people were arrested at short notice.

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Party to the storm on the Area 51: between Aluhüten and aliens

The call to storm was at first meant as a harmless joke. The US Air Force had warned but then strictly against entering the Area 51. According to official data, the base serves the test of experimental aircraft and the training of soldiers. Only in 2013, the existence of the plant was explicitly confirmed by the CIA, while it is already since the fifties part of various UFO and conspiracy theories, for example, the US military to hide there aliens.

"They are here to have fun."

For the announced storm people had brought, among other things dolls that are supposed to represent aliens. One man wore an orange space suit, other alpine hats, and alien masks. On a sign read "Free ET from the government" - in reference to the character in the eponymous film by Steven Spielberg.

"They're just here to see what's going on," Reuters told Reuters and Orlando Guerra, a local security agent. "They are here to have fun."

Apparently this also applied to many participants. 23-year-old Jason Strand traveled to Nevada with a group of nine friends from Utah. "We came out here to see the stupid people run away," he said.

The initiators of the meeting had stated in a Facebook post, "When we run like Naruto, we're faster than their bullets." Naruto is the hero of a Japanese manga series of the same name, which is known for its special running technique, which reduces air resistance.

Source: spiegel

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