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Maybrit Illner: First the hate commentary, then the police visit


Who harms more: the hater in the net or the coffee thief? Such questions were clarified by Maybrit Illner with her guests, including only one woman. For a moment the talk tended towards rump stage 17 - but Cem Özdemir was also there.

The days when talk-wear suits declared each other the world while smokin 'each other are over. The proportion of women among Maybrit Illner's guests was 39 percent in the first half of 2019. But this evening, on this topic ("words, anger, contradiction - forbid hatred, endure opinion?"), The male surplus was noticed. "Disturbingly many men" were present, said Sascha Lobo; disturbingly many in the face of the fact that hatred in the net is directed primarily against women.

Only Dorothee Bär was among the guests, the State Secretary of the CSU. Otherwise, in addition to SPIEGEL columnist Lobo, Ralf Schuler of the "Bild", the pianist Igor Levit, Cem Özdemir of the Greens and sitting in the audience, the Berlin criminal lawyer Ulf Buermeyer as an expert for questions that would have been in good hands at the studio table ,

Buermeyer also asked a pretty good question: who harms the community more - someone who acts as an anti-Semitic hate preacher on the net, or "someone who takes a pound of coffee"? "That a shoplifting but very sure hunt, hate on the Internet, however, is an indication that "something has slipped".

Criminal lawyer Ulf Buermeyer: There are expressions of hate that are not punishable. Shoplifting is also being pursued harder than hatred in the net. The legislator should think about that.

➡️https: // @vieuxrenard #hass #inconction #illner

- maybrit illner (@maybritillner) November 15, 2019

Whenever possible measures and structural aspects were involved, the consignment was at a profitable point. Buermeyer argued, instead of for an obvious name obligation on the Internet, for account imposed by courts. Dorothee Bär pleaded for "more access rights" on Internet platforms. One could not leave the content evaluation of postings, in which the Holocaust is denied, for example, to large Internet companies.

And Cem Özdemir advocated that identified authors of hate comments should get a police visit more often: "If the first convictions flutter into the house, if the police makes a threat speech, that's rumored." But above all, he said, instead of the question of measures, he wanted to clarify the basic question that was at stake: "Does Germany at last take it seriously that right-wing fascism is not permitted and smashed with the means of the rule of law? "

The clarity of Özdemir's speech was remarkable. Even questions about his personal health, now that his name is on the top of the list of right-wing extremists, he said, "Those who do that mean not just me, they mean the liberal republic," he said. He referred to the many others from local politics and civil society, who would also be threatened, but not as he would be under police protection. And finally, he waved a friendly letter, which he had received from students: where the come from, be the majority, he said.

@ cem_oezdemir: The basic question is: Does Germany finally serious that you do not allow right wing fascism and smashes it?
The whole show ➡️https: // #Hass #Monement #Extremism #Democracy #illner

- maybrit illner (@maybritillner) November 15, 2019

And otherwise? Otherwise it was about freedom of expression, which somehow belonged to the complex. Ralf Schuler of the "Bild" complained about the example of the criticism of the Greta Thunberg jokes of the cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr "a massive under suspicion position and tagging the public debate": Nuhr was made the spokesman for the New Right. Had Schuler forgotten the recent "image" labeling of Hartz IV recipients as lazybones? Even more after a warm-up there was a smell, when again the cases Lucke, Lindner and de Maizière were rolled up. Sascha Lobo said he finds it remarkable that only these examples cause such a stir - why not ban the performance of the band Fine Cream Fish Fillet?

Stage 17 of the evening: Schuler also practiced the art of constructing a fuss out of nowhere. You have to get up and go, he said - because Igor Levit did not move away from the wording of a furious tweeting against the AFD that he had written several years ago. Schuler then remained seated. Dorothee Bär, CSU, came back to this later. That "old tweets pulled out" would also be an aspect of the discussion about freedom of expression: One must be careful with what one uttered.

The Minister of State for Digitization at the Chancellery, @DoroBaer, ​​appealed to the people in Germany not to accept discrimination, #hass and insult, but to say "stop", to contradict and to deal with the matter. # Illner #Meinungsfreiheit pic.twitter. com / YwHGp3Q8TB

- maybrit illner (@maybritillner) November 15, 2019

Unity of the evening: On the importance of decency, the round could largely agree: "What is decency other," asked Lobo, "as to pay a little attention to what they say?"

Freedom of the evening: After the end of the ZDF Talks Dieter Nuhr, who had in the discussion its guest appearance, in the ARD was so free to cabaret over a society, in which it is considered fair, if someone, the "blind and is crazy, is allowed to pilot. What should one say? Can he do it. If he really means.

Source: spiegel

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