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"Tanning for 30 seconds a day is the key to good sleep and boosting libido" - Walla! health


A California metaphysician claims that exposing the buttocks to the sun for 30 seconds daily gives her higher energy, allows her to sleep better and even improves her libido, star ...

"30 seconds buttock tanning a day is the key to good sleep and boosting libido"

A California metaphysician claims that exposing the buttocks to the sun for 30 seconds every day gives her more energy, allows her to sleep better and even improves her libido, the "Jackass" star joined the trend, but doctors warn: "It's not research-based and even cancer "

"30 seconds buttock tanning a day is the key to good sleep and boosting libido"

Metaphysical Meagan

Metaphysician Megan, as she calls herself on social networks, claims that tanning her buttocks for 30 seconds a day does wonders for the body. Megan, a California resident, became a network star after posting a photo of her on Instagram practicing what she calls "female buffer tanning" - the area between the anus and genital area. She claims that every morning she gives her buttocks 30 seconds of sun exposure, as can be seen in the photo she posted of her looking naked lying on her feet in the air as her son faces the sun in Joshua Tree National Park. She says female buffer tanning gives her higher energy, allows her to sleep better and even improves her libido. Megan claims she gave up the morning coffee for the new ritual of her life and tanned the area for 30 seconds, equivalent to a daily recreation in full sun.

In a post on October 21, Megan explained that this was an ancient Taoist practice. She said that in the three weeks she tried it - her energy had improved wonders. Megan claimed that over the past three weeks she has been sleeping better and feels more connected to her "sexual energy" and "controlling her life." She also added that she feels "creative that fills her body" and that her new condition helps her attract suitors who broadcast the same wave as her. "It's more energetic than having a cup of coffee in the morning and it's a great alternative to consuming neurotoxic coffee and caffeine that can disrupt the adrenal gland health."

Her post has drawn thousands of comments. "Ridiculous behavior. You will find life," wrote one in response, "find work and clothing standards." Another added: "And what am I supposed to do when there is no sun outside?" There were also some less critical ones: "A new daytime routine for the office? Sounds fun," one wrote, adding: "Who would have thought we have a solar panel there?" In another post Megan posted on November 12, she responded to criticisms she received of her strange custom. She wrote: "Female buffering is an ancient Taoist practice that originated in the Far East. In Taoism it is called the" Gate of Life and Death ". It is the gateway to which energy enters and from which it also exits."

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Increased libido

Megan also argues that the method contributes to healthy sexual desire, regulates our biological clock, strengthens our internal organs, and promotes deeper sleep. She added: "My experience proves this. I've been practicing it for a few months now. I open the day with a 5-minute tan and feel full of energy for hours."

She added: "I no longer rely on coffee to open my day because I get my energy from the sun. I sleep better and need at least hours of sleep thanks to the energy I receive. I recommend it to anyone who wants to contribute to their health and those looking to connect to energy His sexuality is more balanced. My main advice is to sunbathe for 30 seconds to 5 minutes maximum in the sun. " Megan noted that she does not intend to tan the buttocks and that no sunscreen is required, "the ideal hours of the day to do this are from 7 to 9 in the morning."

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ErPerineum Sunning PART 2☀️ I was recently interviewed for an article on this, so I thought I'd share more: Perineum sunning is an ancient Taoist practice that originated in the Far East. In Taoism, the perenium or Hui Yin is called the "Gate of Life and Death." This is a gateway where energy enters & exits the body. I first learned about perineum sunning through my studies of Taoism and Tantric practices. Mantak Chia speaks about this in his work, as does my friend @ra_of_earth. The benefits of perineum sunning include: • It brings prana or solar energy from the sun into the organs within the body which strengthens the organs. ? • Perineum sunning prevents against the leakage of chi or life force energy from the body. This in turn sustains the health & longevity of the physical body. • Increases creativity and creative output. • Aids in a healthy libido & balanced sexual energy. • 30 seconds of sunlight on the perineum is equivalent to being in the sun every day with your clothes on. • It regulates the circadian rhythm and promotes deeper sleep. • Grounds and connects you to the Earth. • Increases your personal magnetism and amplifies the auric field. • Better focus & mental stimulation. • Regulates hormone function in the sex organs. Experience My experience with perineum sunning has been profound. I have been practicing this for a few months now. I start my day with 5 minutes of perineum sunning & feeling energized for hours. I no longer rely on coffee for energy to start my day because I am getting my energy from the sun. I also am experiencing better sleep and require less sleep due to boost of overall energy. • I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for optimal health & wellness and to those looking to connect with their sexual energy in a balanced way. • The main advice I have is that this practice is meant to be done in the time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes MAX in the sun. ? •‼ ️‼ ️THE INTENTION OF THIS IS NOT TO TAN YOUR BUTTHOLE‼ ️‼ ️ •? Sunscreen is not required & all you really need is 30 seconds of sun exposure. The ideal hours of the day to do this are between 7-9 am. #ButtholeSunning #SexualHealing #TaoistPractices

A post shared by? ? Metaphysical Meagan? ? (@metaphysicalmeagan) on Nov 12, 2019 at 9:50 am PST

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A post shared by? ? Metaphysical Meagan? ? (@metaphysicalmeagan) on Nov 4, 2019 at 11:45 am PST

Megan is not alone

Megan is not the first health enthusiast to support this bizarre tanning method. Remember "Jackass"? So series star Johnny Knoxville is also an avid fan of the method. "Big Little Lies" star Shaolin Woodley, known for her holistic lifestyle, also said in the past that she did this: "Another thing I love doing is giving my vagina a little vitamin D," she said in a 2014 Gloss interview. In addition, a video posted by user Ra of Earth and amassed more than 35,000 views shows two men performing this - lying naked, aiming their backs at the sky and making sounds of pleasure.

"Unsubstantiated claims"

Important to know - Experts warn that Megan's claims are unsubstantiated and may actually increase the risk of skin cancer. Shamir Patel, founder of Chemist 4 U, said: "Vitamin D is essential for our bodies, helps strengthen bones, teeth and muscles, but there are far easier ways to get a good dose of vitamin D than exposing your buttocks to the sun. While Megan claims 30 seconds of Irregular sun exposure is the solution, a longer period of such exposure can lead to long-term damage.There are no studies showing that this method actually works, so it probably is of no use. I believe going out for a long walk in the sun is much more useful. You can take supplements that are far more practical than tan buttocks. "

Dr. Diana Gael added: "There is no evidence that tanning in this way affects our physical health. Yes, meditation and vitamin D intake do indeed help mental and physical health, but you should not hurt your skin with excessive sun exposure for that. "

Gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter also issued a warning in the Twitter account to anyone considering trying the method and wrote: "I feel confident when I say that the perforation and perforation buffer have no special sunlight concentration capabilities. You can have very painful sunburns and even skin cancer in the mouth. "

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