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This time it's real: KFC on the way back to Israel - Walla! Food


The KFC chain with the famous chicken bucket on the way back to Israel, and this time really, at the Nola confectionery will celebrate the Pear Day, his uncle and Joseph continue to expand with a new meat restaurant and bakery ...

This time it's real: KFC on the way back to Israel

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The KFC chain with the famous chicken bucket on the way back to Israel, and this time really, at the Nola confectionery will celebrate Pear Day, his uncle and Joseph continue to expand with a new meat and bakery restaurant, and Serafina finally opens a business lunch, opening the first week of December

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Missed the bucket? KFC returns to Israel

This has happened before, but KFC is now officially announcing its return to Israel. The network announces the deployment of dozens of branches across the country, with the first branch opening towards the end of December in Nazareth. The decision to return to Israel was made after a long and in-depth market study that examined the potential of the Israeli market as the international company has plans to open quite a few branches around the country in the coming years. Attempts have been made to bring the famous chicken bucket to Israel like him, partly because of the attempt to make the product kosher and thus essentially submit a product different from that offered in the rest of the world. This time the branches will not be kosher and the product will be completely identical to what we know from our visits abroad. KFC is a long-standing international chicken restaurant chain with decades of history with 23,000 restaurants in 141 countries around the world.

Pear and almond pie in Nola (Photo: Yael Rasner)

Nola (Photo: Yael Rasner, PR)

International Pear Day at Nola, TA

In honor of International Pear Day on December 8, Nola Bakery launches a special dishes menu based on the flavors and aromas of the traditional American pastry. Pear Day, initiated by the American Pear Growers Council, which represents 1,600 pear growers in Oregon's northwest Washington state, where the winter is very cold and snowy, which is what promises a beautiful, juicy and sweet fruit. NOLA has been working on a special dishes menu that will be served for a week from December 8 to December 15, including dishes such as pear pie and chocolate (NIS 20); crumble pears (NIS 32); pear pie and almond cream (NIS 34); turkey breast sandwich with pear jam (NIS 52); pear jam jars Home (NIS 34) and more.

NOLA American Bakery, Dizengoff 197 Tel Aviv, 03-5230527

Happy hours at Herzl 16 (Photo: Anatoly Michaello)

Herzl 16 (Photo: Anatoly Michael, PR)

Happy hours at Herzl 16, Tel Aviv

Herzl 16 of the R2M group, continues the Rothschild 12 mythological road, located in the heart of Tel Aviv in a building in the center of a magical inner courtyard with the first elevator in Tel Aviv, launching a new Happy Hour menu, served Sunday to Friday from 17:00 to 20:00. During the happy hours, there is a 30 percent discount on all alcoholic and cocktail drinks, such as Mescalita - a special, herbal and smoked version for margarita, based on Mescal, Julius Bitters and Lemon (NIS 48); Geisha-Saka Nigori Unfiltered, Passiflora Liquor and Julius Bitters (NIS 48); Plum T-cocktail refreshing on the basis of Slough Gin, Shucho Green Tea and Jasmine and Vermouth Rosa (NIS 46); Linzburg for the city-owned cocktail cocktail named Jack Daniels, on the basis of Barban, Kirsaw, Lemon, Monin Lemon Tea and Bitter Lemon (NIS 44). And there are also special prices for wine.

Herzl 16, Herzl 16 Tel Aviv, 03-554-4300

Pepardala Ragu in Serafina now also at noon (Photo: Amir Menachem)

Serafina (Photo: Amir Menachem, PR)

Seraphina opens for lunch, Tel Aviv

New York Italian Serafina opens its doors for lunch for the first time at business dinners.
The new business menu includes a main course price for NIS 64 for the main course and will be served from 12:00 to 17:00. Among the first on the menu you will find, for example, a burnt artichoke on ricotta fresco; Green Salad of Selection, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Hazelnut; Penzanella salad and more. The main ones are schnitzel serafina in a mixture of breadcrumbs and herbs, along with arugula salad and tomatoes (NIS 76); The 200g beef burger with gorgonzola cheese, red wine sauce, brioche bun, vegetables and chips (NIS 78); Spicy fish patties with tomatoes (NIS 108); Pepperdala Rago - beef stew with root vegetables and butter (NIS 88); Fish pizza with tomato sauce, sardines, capers, anchovies, bonfire potato, sheep cheese and olives (NIS 82); And more. In addition, alcoholic beverages will be served at affordable prices.

Serafina Tel Aviv, Einstein 10 Ramat Aviv, 03-6579080

Lamb ribs in remake restaurant (Photo: Eitan and Casman)

Chestnut Restaurant (Photo: Eitan and Kasman, PR)

Chestnut Restaurant reopens, Sde Yoav

Six years later, Chestnut Restaurant in Sde Yoav reopened. The new incarnation of the restaurant is entrusted to Chef Uncle Asraf, who has created alternate seasonal menus using quality ingredients. The new Chestnut Restaurant combines local flavors with international cuisines. As in its previous incarnation, the restaurant serves meticulously prepared dishes such as hot Chardonnay mushrooms (NIS 59); Chestnut Locusts Cigar (NIS 54); Market salad (NIS 52); Greek fish carpaccio (NIS 56); For a whole shine in Tabun (NIS 145); Antique 300 g (NIS 135); Seared goose breast medallions (NIS 89); Vegan ravioli (NIS 59) and more. The restaurant is located on the territory of the new Dream Inland Resort in Yoav Field in the south, with a panoramic view over a large area with 200 indoor spaces and 150 in the outer complex. Outside there is a lake and diners can sit on the banks.

Chestnut Restaurant, Dream Island Resort Sde Yoav, hours of operation are Sunday - Thursday 22: 00-12: 00, Friday 14: 00-12: 00 and Saturday and holiday hours after Saturday's departure until 22:00, 08-9797997, kosher

New winter menu in Asian bucket (Photo: Asaf Carla)

Asian bucket (Photo: Asaf Carla, PR)

An Asian bucket restaurant is being renewed for the winter, launching a menu named for fresh fish and seafood at the center of the table, alongside new Asian dishes from Far Asia. In addition to revamping the menu, the restaurant nearly doubles its size, making the seating space on the terrace more spacious. At the same time, the range of missions for the entire region of Hasharon has expanded to the cities of Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Raanana and the surrounding areas. Notable dishes in the new menu are a rice-free tricolor roll with three types of fish: salmon, tuna and white fish, chives and asparagus, wrapped in cucumber and ponzo sauce (NIS 52); Crisp beets - red tuna, asparagus, chili and cucumber, wrapped in tuna and beet crisps (NIS 57); Special Shirou - White sea fish in tempura with spicy mayonnaise, avocado, canapés and green onion wrapped in avocado, sesame and teriyaki (NIS 53); Tom Yum soup with shrimp, squid and mussels in coconut and red curry, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions and coriander alongside steamed rice (NIS 69) and more.

Asian Bucket, Boys 15 Hod Hasharon, 09-8992555

Restaurant and bakery (Photo: Shay Hansav)

David and Joseph (Photo: Shay Hansav, PR)

A new restaurant and bakery for David and Joseph, TA

Chefs Dudu Almakias and Yossi Shitrit of the David and Joseph Group have opened in Einstein Boulevard a small compound that incorporates a taboon-based pastry house and alongside a meat restaurant. The bakery can be found ranging from boraxes, croissants and breads, to tabun pastries, salads and sandwiches. In the morning, breakfast is served alongside Italian coffee. At the meat restaurant, there is a charcoal grill on which to cook a variety of meats such as skewers and steaks, and next to it the chefs opened a window to the street, which will offer full pita with all the best until the wee hours of the night. Among the dishes are, for example, chicken liver (35 shekels pita and 43 shekels plate); Chicken hearts in pita 39 shekels and 48 shekels plate); Butcher's share (NIS 66); Denver thin steak (NIS 54) and more. On Fridays, the two promise food with special Challah, quiches, salads and cakes to take home for Saturday.

Bakkeria TLV, 12 Einstein Street Tel Aviv, 03-949-2111, bakery hours Sundays-Thurs 07: 00-24: 00, Restaurant Sun-Thurs 11: 30-02: 00 and Thursdays until 4:00 , Friday - an hour before the Sabbath, Saturday - an hour after the Sabbath.

Edward Bar's bruschettes (Photo: Nofer Lapid)

Edward Barr (Photo: Nofer Lapid, PR)

New business dinners at Edward Bar, Tel Aviv

Edward Bar, located in the backyard of the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, also opens its doors in the afternoon and launches a new business menu consisting of Arabian cuisine and fresh ingredients from the market. The lunch menu is served from 12:00 and offers a small opening, a meat or vegetarian main course, two toppings, a side salad and an Arabian Esali with cardamom, at NIS 45 per diner. Among the dishes are cabbage in ripening - chicken, pumpkin and potato; Caps - beef patties in red sauce; Vegan Bandura Spices - Tomatoes stuffed with rice and more, along with add-ons such as Reese Wa Scissors - Noodle Rice, or Tata - Yellow Potatoes.

Edward Bar, 12 Carmel St. Tel Aviv, 03-5101695

Arancini in Joya's new business in Rosh Pina (Photo: Courtesy of the restaurant)

Joya Rosh Pina (Photo: Courtesy of the restaurant, PR)

New Italian brunch at Restaurant Joya, Rosh Pina

Joya Rosh Pina, the new Italian and trained, invites you to open the weekend with an Italian brunch with happy music and brunch menu hosted by restaurant chef Yaron Gore, with all dishes made in the open kitchen for diners alongside wines and cocktails. The brunch includes five dishes of your choice such as a brick-baked anti-pie focaccia with a variety of roasted vegetables; Arancini- risotto balls with mozzarella and crispy topped with tomato sauce; Italian fritters with garlic onion and a variety of mushrooms or squash in tomato sauce alongside fresh challah; Tomato salad and mozzarella with green onions, purple onions, calamata olives, basil, hot pepper, olive oil and reduced balsamic and alternate dessert (NIS 77 per diner including drinks). The brunch is served every Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Joya, Rosh Pina, 04-8589099, Kosher

Tomato soup and grits in lantricote (Photo: Shani Vanunu)

Lentricot (Photo: Shani Vanunu, PR)

Every day a different soup in Lentricot, Tel Aviv

At the Entrecote Restaurant, a new soup line is set for the winter, a different soup will be served each day starting at noon. Among the soups are tomato soup and grits with fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano and white grits; Orange soup of sweet potato, carrots and dill based on coconut milk and vegetable cream; Ground green pea soup, oregano and black lentils; Jerusalem artichoke soup, basil, oregano and chicken stock; Root vegetable soup with cubes of decomposed asado and more (NIS 25).

Lantricott, Ahad Ha'am 28 Tel Aviv, 03-6337733, Kosher

Israeli chocolate arrives in London (Photo: Erez Ben Shahar)

Roy Chocolate, Roy (Photo: Erez Ben Shahar, PR)

ROY CHOCOLATE arrives in London

Respect for Israeli Chocolate: Israeli chocolate brand ROY CHOCOLATE will be sold at the prestigious British department store Selfridges in London. Selfridges is the UK's leading department store chose ROY CHOCOLATE for one of the premium brands to be sold at the new chocolate complex launched earlier this month at the chain's flagship store on London's prestigious Oxford Street, in the brand's original packaging.

Roy Chocolate

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