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"Hard but fair" on climate policy: And then came the man with the 1000 hp car


When does the climate become unstoppable? And does meat abstinence help here, while China continues to boom? Such questions were debated by Frank Plasberg at "Hard but fair". "It did not get heated, though.

Wake up call or panic? When talking about the consequences of global warming, linguistically happy colored to the neutral "climate change" (it could indeed come again a cooler summer), it could have been high in Frank Plasberg.

With Nina Kronjäger a dedicated actress was invited, so to speak as a citizen. With Bärbel Höhn a green veteran, as a career rebel already in Gorleben. With Rainer Hank of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" an economist, friend of existing conditions. With Hans von Storch a gnarly climatologist, far too smart for the rest of the round. And with Tino Pfaff a representative of "Extinction Rebellion" (XR), as an apocalyptic freak.

Concern and thus the topic of the evening was less the climate, its warming and its consequences. Instead, the proposal of XR to place decisions in the climate sector in the hands of quoted, randomly selected and authorized "citizens: in-house assemblies". Really bad. Councils. Basically, soviets. Is that still democracy?

Tino Pfaff, truly not a Trotsky, would like to continue where "Fridays For Future" ends. The young people would be "petted and petted", but nothing would change. Changes, however, may have caused unannounced protests, the blockade of access roads, corporations, banks.

Kronjäger does not consider demonstrations to be anti-democratic and does not fear councils because: "This will probably not happen in this form anyway, so far, that does not worry me."

Actress Nina Kronjäger defends @ExtinctionR_DE: "Such movements are renewing #Democracy. To portray these young # people as anti-democratic is outrageous." #hartaberfair @First to the topic: "Does the #climate need an eco-revolution?"

- hard but fair (@hartaberfair) December 2, 2019

How would such a citizens' meeting look like? In Thuringia?

Hank dedicates this idea quite "slowly so a little worry", here would be an alienation of democracy instead. Firstly, democracy is a fine thing and secondly "not always what you like!" What Kronjäger rightly points out to lobbyists who even have their own identity cards for entering and leaving the Bundestag.

Bärbel Höhn kindly proposes to discuss the topic "open times". Co-determination rights, "new forms" of democracy. Are not all parties desperately looking for new ways of participation? Hans von Storch asks: "Are you sure that always the right people will win?".

It would be conceivable, for example, a meeting of citizens in Thuringia, where, you do not know, a cross section of the opinions expressed to completely different results would come, possibly fascistoid. Pfaff: "That's probably polemical!", But it's also the problem.

Hank also paints the totalitarian devil in the form of a "benevolent, good-natured dictator" on the wall, as he probably prefers XR. He referred to a whole series of measures already taken (electric car mobility, exit from coal, climate package). Hank likes to use exquisite, chosen foreign words, which he explains in the same sentence.

You can argue about the tipping point

Hans von Storch, however, is in love with his pen. He spends long stretches of the program in quiet immersion and contemplative contemplation of the matt black writing instrument. The man only comes to life when it comes to "the dimension of the problem" - not an imminent Soviet republic, but the climate.

"In # climate questions only #Scientists have their say, which say what people want to hear," complains climate researcher Hans von Storch at #hartaberfair @DasErste. "Everything bad is suddenly #limit change, and many colleagues are fed up with these exaggerations."

- hard but fair (@hartaberfair) December 2, 2019

The problem is the number of "38 gigatons of CO2 per year", which XR would like to reduce to "zero" by 2050. It was not enough with German or European efforts, he was often in China, oye. To fly less here, as less meat to eat and to go there by bus, that would not use. It would benefit from the development of new technologies that made it "attractive to other nations".

From a "state of emergency" he, Hans von Storch, have not noticed anything in itself. Also, remind him the word to the emergency laws. He pleads clearly for wake-up call instead of panic. Especially since not only the global dimension, but also the complexity of the topic hardly allow valid forecasts. It is clear that there is a "tipping point" from which the warming of the seas and atmosphere is unstoppable. It remains unclear, if exactly this "point of no return" is reached.

Depressed fatalism against manic urgency

Höhn and Kronjäger counter that predictions of the past have occurred much faster than expected. And Pfaff, neither a freak nor an apocalyptist, quietly points to the fact that all dangers have been known "for 30 years" or longer - with no effect on politics.

In his appeal, the XR spokesman does not rely on Roger Hallam, the anti-Semitic dodging co-founder of the movement. But to the news: "Do we really want to be remembered as the generation that stuck its head in the sand that was milling around while the earth was on fire?" is a phrase that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed to the international community at the opening of the 25th Climate Change Conference in Madrid.

Pfaff counteracts the depressive fatalism of Hans von Storch with a kind of manic urgency, while Bärbel Höhn is happy: everything as in the 1980s! Even Hank tries to be optimistic. We are certainly at a point where "indignation itself does not help". Only man is the species that has yet to get all the consequences of their progress still under control.

The representative of "Fridays for displacement" explains himself

Finally, with Christopher Gray, a human being who as a result of the progress on a car "with 1000 hp" screws. The car mechanic is the initiator of the quite successful Facebook group "Fridays for Hubraum" with currently more than 560,000 members and would actually have the only thing by its presence, the temperature in the studio to rise.

The car master and founder of #FridaysForHubraum
Christopher Grau does not believe in # electric cars: "The e-car is no solution for me, simply because of the extraction of raw materials."
Topic at #hartaberfair @DasErste: "Does the #climate need an eco-revolution?"

- hard but fair (@hartaberfair) December 3, 2019

"In the beginning it was fun," he explains his commitment, and now he talks like a politician. He tries to use his movement to "have a steering effect" to see the cause of the climate is not so dramatic. Nevertheless, he had "to work with 20 people for three days" to clean his forum of AFD sympathizers and hate speech.

What remained was a position that is legitimate. There are people who enjoy strong automobiles, are tech-savvy and yet do not want to destroy the planet. Rainer Hank would probably get in at Christopher Gray immediately.

And Tino Pfaff states that the position of the car fanatic would also find place in a town hall meeting.

Source: spiegel

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