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Each digestive and responsive body is different to the things we eat and drink so it is not always easy to give accurate data. You know your body best and know what affects it. Here are some signs ...

6 signs that you're drinking too much coffee

Each digestive and responsive body is different to the things we eat and drink so it is not always easy to give accurate data. You know your body best and know what affects it. Here are some signs to see if you have overstated the coffee

6 signs that you're drinking too much coffee

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Coffee is not just a drink. It is a complete ritual that many of us repeat several times during the day, in the same order of doing and with the same ingredients. Some of us just do this ritual too many times.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), consuming more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day (between 4-5 cups of coffee) stimulates the body, but at the same time can affect neurotransmitters in the brain and cause actual physical effects. Here are the key points:

1. Abdominal pain
We tend to associate our abdominal pain with stress, things we ate and also symptoms such as pre-menstrual syndrome, but in fact the morning drink can also be related.

Coffee has a relatively high level of acidity, which can cause unwanted buildup of gastric and biliary juices and lead to unpleasant problems such as heartburn, diarrhea and generally discomfort in the digestive process.

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2. You suffer from diarrhea
And if we are already in diarrhea - one of the theories is that caffeine may help speed up digestive activity. Caffeine is a substance that has stimulating effects in general, and as it affects the central nervous system, it can also stimulate the sympathetic nervous system that is responsible, among other things, for digestion.

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Caffeine can stimulate the movement of the digestive tract, called peristalsis. It actually increases the contractile movements of the small intestine and large intestine until it eventually causes the need to go to the toilet.

Studies investigating the physiological effects of caffeine have found a reduction in the absorption of fluid in the intestine and an increase in the secretion of fluid from the small intestine into the gastrointestinal tract as a result of caffeine exposure - a phenomenon that has increased in direct proportion to the dose given to subjects.

Drink, but don't overdo it. Coffee (Photo: shutterstock)

Coffee (Photo: ShutterStock)

3. Migraines do not leave you
In a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, researchers have tried to understand how many cups of coffee can trigger migraines in those who are prone to suffer. They determined that the risk increased significantly when drinking three or more cups of coffee during the day. For people who are not used to drinking coffee and not consuming it every day - the risk of having migraine attacks is evident even when they consume one or two cups.

4. You suffer from sleep disorders
Increasing energy levels and alertness is nice and often desirable, but caffeine can stay in our blood for five hours. That is, the afternoon cup of coffee may cost us trouble sleeping at night.

Can affect sleep quality at night. Man suffering from insomnia (Photo: shutterstock)

Insomnia (Photo: ShutterStock)

Insomnia can be a definite sign of drinking too much coffee, and can literally ruin your sleep and wake you up several times during the night, reducing your overall sleep time. To solve this problem, try drinking your last cup of coffee no later than noon.

5. You are hyper vigilant and even experience anxiety
Past research has shown that caffeine can mimic symptoms of anxiety attacks, especially when consumed in large quantities. These symptoms may include restlessness, tremors, flushed face and accelerated heartbeat. In fact, if you suffer from anxiety in the first place, you are more likely to experience anxiety-like symptoms or increase them as a result of drinking coffee.

6. You have accelerated heart palpitations
Accelerated heart palpitations can be caused by consuming too much caffeine, nicotine and even alcohol. In some cases, accelerated heart palpitations can lead to dizziness and even fainting. It's important to note that this is not moderate daily consumption (up to five cups of coffee), but rather people who consume larger amounts of coffee daily.

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