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Six New Cafes for the Glory of the Innos - Walla! Food


It is known that in Tel Aviv everyone sits in cafes, even in the middle of the day, so it is only requested that more and more places be opened to allow this. Get five great new cafes in the city non-stop, ...

Six new cafes for the splendor of the Incheon

It is known that in Tel Aviv everyone sits in cafes, even in the middle of the day, so it is only requested that more and more places be opened to allow this. Get five great new cafes in the city nonstop, and another at a nearby garden level

From Japan to Denmark-HOC (Photo: Reut Sahar)

HOC, house of coffee (Photo: Reut Sahar, Reut Sahar)

HOC's new coffee shop in Neve Tzedek to remind you of Brooklyn and Copenhagen

Shiraz and Amir Reaper lived in Germany for several years, then Hong Kong and South Korea. From there, they went on to study at Cordon Blue in Japan, where they went on to explore and explore one of their great hobbies - the aesthetic coffee culture of the locals, as well as delving into the art of bread and bolognese. The increased interest in coffee and aesthetics has led them to explore the cafes in Denmark and the Nordic regions as well, and all their years of wandering and their affection for the field are now draining into a new cafe that opened in Tel Aviv. HOC is the acronym for House Of Coffee, and is a new, corner and small space located under the new towers on Elhanan Street in the south of the city.

At the HOC, the Reaper brings together a fast-paced coffee experience reminiscent of similar places in Brooklyn or Berlin, combining the Nordic and Japanese styles. It starts with a fine coffee that is served by all the rules of the ritual, and with options we haven't quite gotten used to seeing here like macha latte, chai latte or cold dripp, everything is served nicely and stylishly in delicate glassware. The food menu is small but accurate, with sandwiches such as scrambled beef brioche with mayonnaise (NIS 38), or mushrooms and herb spread and manchego with sourdough bread (NIS 42). Next to the volumes comes a small box of vegetables. There are also invested salads such as sham and fig salad (NIS 58), rice, sweet potato, atbocado and tahini (NIS 56), and well-designed cheese and vegetable plates that are as beautiful as they are delicious. For dessert, enjoy the wonderful pastries of Swedish Pique Bakery that are sold on site. The decor is clean, wooden benches, cacti and bonsai in the space, and shelves with beautiful dinnerware and coffee mugs for purchase. You will want everything.

HOC, Yitzhak Elchanan 13 Tel Aviv, 050-6585246, hours of operation Sunday to Thursday 7: 30-19: 30, and Friday to 15:00, Closed Saturday. Kosher with lunch certificate

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Coffee tuna sandwich (Photo: Reut Sahar)

Coffee Yael (Photo: Reut Sahar, Reut Sahar)

The neighborhood Yael coffee also reaches the Dov Hoz neighborhood

Every neighborhood in Tel Aviv has its secret coffee, the one that is not on the main streets, the one that on Friday morning meets all the neighbors. Coffee Yael is exactly that, for several years now it has been a focus of attraction for all the residents of the neighborhood around Zeitlin Street near Rabin Square. It's a small cafe at the entrance to a residential building, surrounded by greenery and serving home-cooked food and good coffee, and even special dinner parties for neighborhood kids. Yakutiel, who is behind the spot, opened a branch of Coffee Yael last week at the Dov Hoz Community Center. The new cafe is in a more spacious space, and besides the seating inside, there are also tables outside where parents can sit leisurely while the children run around the square.

The menu is very similar to that which is also served in the old cafe in Zeitlin. It starts with morning things like homemade granola with nuts, sheep yogurt and fresh fruit (NIS 38); French toast with blueberries, horseradish cream and homemade jam (NIS 42) or potato and spinach fritters, alongside tomato and courgette salad (NIS 42). There are also all kinds of open sandwiches of toasted sourdough bread such as quince jam and goat cheese, beet spread and spicy walnuts, metias with sour cream or stone and roasted Shoshka pepper (NIS 25). There are also fish patties in fresh sauce with fresh challah (NIS 52) or sliced ​​roast beef served with chimichori (NIS 60) and quite a few varied, sweet sandwiches, with some vegan options, and of course coffee, tea, and squeezed juices in place. There are also buckets full of beautiful flowers to buy home. As befits a noisy and busy community center there for parents and children on Fridays and afternoons, so if you like to drink your coffee quietly you should come at other hours.

Yael Cafe, Dov Hoz Community Center 16 Tel Aviv, operating hours Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 to 18:00, and Friday to 14:00

Eats cafeteria in Shinkin (Photo: Reut Sahar)

EATS (Photo: Reut Crescent, Reut Crescent)

The Eats Cafeteria branch at a new hotel in Sheinkin

Eats is also a neighborhood cafe from Ben Gurion and Adam HaCohen intersections, and it also extends its long hands to another neighborhood. The Sam and Blondie hotel opens a new branch of Eats Cafeteria in front of the Sheinkin Garden. The restaurant's front desk is packed with pastries, cookies, cakes and desserts of all kinds. And in the showcase the sandwiches are stacked with round buns or sourdough breads. Michal Epstein, the founder of the place, brought to the new branch all the successful elements from the previous time she did so at Ben Gurion - including the Lunch Box offering a selection of salads in a patterned cardboard box, with options like green couscous salad. Pistachios and blueberries, olive oil broccoli, eggplant slices in tahini, Roasted dates and almonds, Caesar cabbage baked in the oven with Kale and Parmesan and more.

On the round tables outside or in the few inside you can enjoy a variety of sandwiches, including vegan options or options such as eggs and bacon, turkey gouda, or salmon (NIS 28-18). There are also larger lunch sandwiches such as Kornbeef Chalfinio or tuna and vegetables (NIS 42-44). There are also hot and soupy dishes such as a saucepan with root vegetables and chestnuts (NIS 49) or cabbage full of rice and herbs (NIS 46).

In terms of the sweet and savory, there are endless choices in Ats such as lemon pistachio cake, pecan and maple steak, halva chocolate brownies, or raspberry slices (NIS 18-22). There are interesting drinks like macha latte or chai latte, squeezed juices and some adventurous wines. The place is still in the running stages so open during limited hours so it's worth checking before arriving.

Eats Cafeteria, Sheinkin 20 Tel Aviv, operating hours: Sun 7 am to 7 pm, Friday and Saturday to 3 pm

In the nostalgic atmosphere of the time - Lieb Kafe (Photo: Ben Buchwitz)

Lieb cafe (Photo: Ben Bochwitz, PR)

Lieb Kafe A nostalgic cafe in a restored building

Liebling House is also called the White City Center, and is an Israeli-German cultural center that seeks to expose to the general public the values ​​of modern architecture and the white city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and includes, besides exhibition spaces, workspaces and research lab, also the Lieb Kafe Cafe. Following the investigation into the Lovling House during its renovation, Lucy Schuyer's recipe book, located on the third floor of the building, "Koch Buch," was discovered and was written by Lucy in German for daughter Hannah Schuyer in 1940 and passed down from generation to generation in the Schuier family.

As part of the preservation of the house, the culinary memory is also preserved and two recipes from the ancient book have been translated into Hebrew and served in the new coffee - the Apple Strudel and Linzer Torte - a traditional Austrian pie made of spicy crispy dough and jam. Mrs. Schuyer's kitchen has been carefully preserved, and can be visited on a visit to the Lovling House, which has been renovated in the spirit of the Bauhaus in a meticulous but minimalist design, with solid wood walls and a spacious, light-lit seating area. Ben Bochwitz, owner of the Schneur coffee shop on nearby Schneur Street, opened the cafe. In Lieb Kafe there is a small shop where you can buy designer books and items, and eat a variety of fresh pastries and sandwiches, alongside special salads and fresh juices like a triple sandwich in Uzbek bread with goat cheese or with cauliflower sweet potato and green tahini (NIS 20); Tinsel cake or carrot cake with vanilla cream (NIS 24); Lemon cake (NIS 16); A small salad varies (NIS 25) or puffs (NIS 11).

LIEB KAFE, Idelson 29 Tel Aviv, hours of operation Sunday to Thursday 8:00 to 18:00, Friday 8:00 to 14:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 19:00

Isla Coffee's terrazzo tables (Photo: Reut Sahar)

Coffee Isla (Photo: Reut Sahar, Reut Sahar)

Isla, a new hostel cafe designed in Montefiore

Isla is a new young hotel in a perfect location on Montefiore Street, near Rothschild Boulevard and not far from Carmel Market. Like the hotel, the café that opens is also a beautiful lounge with lots of varied seating, armchairs and tables, large windows and wall art. This cafe is a great place to have coffee and tea and savor good cookies or cakes, and there is also a limited bar of ready-made sandwiches, but the menu offers no food beyond that. You can also sit on the street terrazzo tables, have excellent iced tea or well-made coffee, hold work meetings or limited social gatherings, or just rest after shopping in the market or in the middle of wandering this wonderful neighborhood.

Isla, Montefiore 27 Tel Aviv, 03-7740222, Hours of Operation Weekly 7: 30-19: 00

G27 brusquets (Photo: Yael Sklar)

G27 Cafe (Photo: Yael Sklar, PR)

G27 Bakery, restaurant, and new wine shop in Ramat Gan

And taken in the neighboring town - In the heart of Ramat Hen neighborhood of Ramat Gan recently opened G27, a place that is a bakery, restaurant and wine boutique. The on-site professional bakery relies on the French baking tradition and all the pastries are fresh and baked daily. In the mornings you can buy quality breads such as cereal bread, Nelson bread, Castan bread, focaccia, bite rolls, premium sandwiches, cakes, tarts and cookies. The restaurant serves a menu that changes throughout the day when in the morning, until 13:00, breakfasts such as gouda and truffle (NIS 48), bruschettes (NIS 31), or a bakery basket (NIS 38) are served. In the afternoon, dishes are served from Italian cuisine, rich salads and more, with everything made from the place, from the croissant to the pasta. In the evenings the place offers an alcohol menu consisting of high quality wines accompanied by small, light chef dishes such as pizza borata and truffles - with portobello mushrooms, truffle mash and borata cheese (NIS 68); French toast smoked salmon with horseradish cream and soft egg on brioche (NIS 57); Baked beet salad, rocket leaves, endive, sour cream, sheep cheese and roasted nuts; Fresh ricotta and parmesan ravioli; Toast basil and parmesan tomatoes alongside market vegetable salad and more.

G27 BAKERY, FOOD, WINE, Golani 27 Ramat Gan, 03-7391658, hours of operation Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to 23:00, Fridays to one hour before the Sabbath. kosher

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