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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was homophobic


Chris Martin is a singer of one of the most successful bands in the world - but apparently not very self-confident: In an interview he now spoke about self-doubt, wrong decisions - and gay hatred.

Successful musicians often give the impression of being extremely self-confident. However, this is sometimes just a facade - or a result of hard-won success. So it was supposedly in the case of Chris Martin.

The lead vocalist of Coldplay gave an insight into his soul life in an interview with the "Rolling Stone" - also at the time of his youth: Thus, he was in the years when Coldplay emerged, an extremely unsettled teenager. For example, religion and sexual identity were very difficult topics for him at the time.

He had a hard time getting into the community at his "very old-fashioned" boarding school, Martins said. He also questioned his own sexuality, which led to "terrible chaos": he had thought then that he could be gay - but at the same time he had been extremely homophobic.

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Coldplay singer Martin: "Terrible Chaos"

His uncertainty had not disappeared when Coldplay suddenly became one of the most successful bands in the world with the album "Patachutes" 2000. He had tried to compensate for his lack of self-confidence through ambitions, according to Martin - with the result that he sometimes recognized artistic misperceptions too late. For example, the Coldplay album "X & Y" was "not really good".

Martin recently announced that Coldplay, for reasons of climate protection, despite a new album on a tour renounce: "We would be disappointed if they were not carbon neutral," said Martin. There are already concrete ideas: "For example, our dream is to organize a show without disposable plastic and draw the electricity from solar energy."

With the new album "Everyday Life" Coldplay wants to express the global perspective of the band. "If you have the privilege of traveling around the world, you know we all have the same home," Martin said. "We believe that we do not feel any different from all other people on earth."

Source: spiegel

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