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The 5 Nutritional Trends to Conquer 2020 - Walla! health


The coming year is likely to be a direct continuation of the current year, and at the center of it will be trends such as reductions in eating animal foods, along with a reduction in eating gluten-free products. That's how it is ...

The 5 nutritional trends that will conquer 2020

The coming year is likely to be a direct continuation of the current year, and at the center of it will be trends such as reductions in eating animal foods, along with a reduction in eating gluten-free products. This is how it will probably look

The 5 nutritional trends that will conquer 2020

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Humans are curious and love to try new things, so each year opens with expectations and observations for trends that will occupy us in the coming year. In addition, the issue of health / fitness / diet seems to continue to occupy the human brain to the bride, so there is always something to innovate. The coming 2020 will be no different from its predecessors.
Here are some food trends that await us in the coming year:

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1. Nutrition based mainly on plant foods

Food trend experts predict that many vegan options will reach the supermarket shelves in the coming year, but there will also be plant-based products that are suitable for everyone - meat eaters, vegetarians and vegetarians and vegans alike.

Continuing the trend of plant-based nutrition, 2020 is likely to bring more vegetarian options than before, due to various and varied reasons that include greater awareness of the destruction of animal industries, environmental protection and health reasons. Certainly this year, alongside Beyond Burger and its likes, the vegan egg and other products that have entered the market, we are likely to see some more surprises. Anyone said vegan crumbs?

Plant milk substitutes

And on the same topic. After the soybean and almond that occupied every piece and shelf in the author, 2019 was the year of oat milk. Experts expect more non-cow dairy-based dairy alternatives to reach shelves by 2020.

The alternative market for global crop milk substitutes was valued at $ 11.9 billion, as of 2017, and its rapid growth has attracted the attention of companies in the food industry. Meanwhile, milk consumption has been declining for decades, with each generation drinking less milk than its predecessor. And it's not just vegans, but also a small population of people who are lactose-sensitive and choose the various milk substitutes.

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Flour OUT, IN vegetables

This may not surprise the Israelis, but this year's cauliflower was one of the best-selling foods in the world, and not just in a second ram's buffet. In fact, one of the most popular recipes was cauliflower pizza, this time it is used not as an addition but as a dough.

Cauliflower "pizza" (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Cauliflower Pizza (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Experts expect this trend to strengthen this year, and more and more food companies are releasing flour-based products, not just vegetables and legumes, in an attempt to match the diet market that encourages the reduction of gluten-rich and white-flour-containing products.

Cold pressed coffee

This is not about the cold coffee you make at home in a few minutes with instant coffee, a little hot water, cold water and ice, but a preparation process that does not include boiling water infusion. Make the cold brew coffee ground coffee beans that should be soaked in cold water for 12-24 hours and then filter through a cheese cloth (or cloth diaper) and keep cool.

This form of preparation has several health benefits, including reducing the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, improving metabolism, reducing the chance of heart disease and more. Already today there are several places that prepare their coffee in this way in Israel and we expect more networks to join later.

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The CBD enters your food

Our bet - It will take quite a while for this trend to arrive in the country, but in the meantime it is beginning to occupy its place in the US.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant that is responsible for many medical benefits but comes without the "stimulating" effect of the THC component. It is a component that has a number of health benefits, most notably pain relief and sedation. These facts have made it a popular ingredient in various food products, especially beverages.

Hemp seeds also come from the cannabis family, but they also contain negligible levels of THC. These seeds are a significant source of protein and only 1.5 tablespoons offer about 5 grams of this important nutrient. Even more impressive is that hemp seeds are considered to be full protein and contain 20 amino acids, including nine essential amino acids for the body, which can only be obtained through the food we eat, because our bodies cannot produce them.

The hemp seeds can be lightly ground with sea salt and used as seasoning for salad, soup, stew or even shake.

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