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Separate beds can improve your health, and your relationship too - Walla! health


The snoring beside you at night makes you fantasize about going into one room, but are you afraid it will be interpreted as the failure of your relationship? Research over the years shows that changing individually will actually make you ...

Separate beds can improve your health, as well as your relationship

The snoring beside you at night makes you fantasize about going into one room, but are you afraid it will be interpreted as the failure of your relationship? Research over the years shows that changing individually will actually do you good, and make you better - it will also improve the couple.

Separate beds can improve your health, as well as your relationship

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We are used to the fact that in literature, film and television it is customary to introduce couples to separate beds as a sign of a relationship crisis, but in real life this transition is actually key to better health and a happier relationship.

A new U.S. survey showed that one in six couples chose to sleep separately not because of conflict and hostility, but because the couple were simply desperate for a decent night's sleep. This could be because of one-party snoring, flipping and moving overnight, or simply late bed That leaves the other (and old) side, which is common enough to win a unique nickname - "sleep divorce."

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To be honest, the survey in question was conducted on the site of an American mattress company attended by 3,000 critics - about 31 percent of respondents said they were interested in the "divorce method" in their relationship, but quite a few experts agree with the survey's findings and even think the split should be encouraged before bedtime . Among them is Dr. Neil Stanley, who has been researching sleep for 35 years and has been sleeping not only in a separate bed, but in a separate room for his partner. "I am the world's leading supporter of twin beds," he testified in a conversation with the dailymail. Stanley was a research partner in which sleep couples were asked to connect to a device that monitors waking and traffic. The results showed that when one spouse woke up, the other did as well. "In fact, one-third of your sleep disorder is caused by your spouse," he said.

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The effect of this disorder on your health and the health of your relationship can be huge. A 2016 analysis of previous research by the University of Paracelsus (PMU) in Germany showed that sleep problems and relationship problems tend to occur simultaneously. Further research has shown that people who sleep poorly have higher divorce rates - when someone sleeps badly, it lacks empathy and it increases arguments. In addition, a study published in the journal Sleep in 2015 showed that one poor night's sleep was enough to increase the chance of a four-fold cold. "Poor sleep affects your performance and relationships, increases your risk of accidents and in the long run is associated with weight gain, type 2 diabetes and depression," Dr. Stanley added.

There is no reason to compromise sleep

This is because each cell in the body has its own "clock", so a prolonged interruption to these rhythms due to lack of sleep affects each cell. "Sleep is very essential, and there is no reason to compromise it for a social structure of sleep together," Dr. Stanley insists. But will separate sleep negatively affect your sex life? Probably not. In fact, they may improve, as he explains: " A sociologist once showed that the only reason you have sex with your spouse in bed before you sleep is because it is the only time on the day you are in private. However, it is not necessarily the best time emotionally or physiologically to have sex. "

People who sleep poorly have higher divorce rates. Woman suffering from man's snoring (Photo: ShutterStock)

Snoring at night (Photo: ShutterStock)

The idea of ​​sleeping in bed with your other half is relatively new. In a book published earlier this year, Professor Hillary Hinds of the University of Lancaster, England, explains that until the 1950s, this idea was not considered desirable at all - separate bedrooms were always the preference of upper class, while middle-class people first moved to separate, but adjacent beds. , At the end of the Victorian era, initially for health reasons: "The governing theory of disease transmission at that time was that a disease would spontaneously arise in polluted air," Professor Hinds wrote. "Then there was the anxiety that if you took your partner's breath to bed, you would risk yourself. Still, even when that idea was replaced with a more accurate understanding of how the bacteria are transmitted, the adjacent beds did not go away," she added. "It was probably more a matter of getting away from your partner's less snoring or fresh breath. In the post-war period, a new emphasis was placed on the idea of ​​marriage together and moving away from twin beds back into a double bed."

At least sleep in a king-size bed

Now we seem to be moving back to the preferences of higher classes throughout history, and there is a trend to build two-bedroom homes for parents, as a sign of recognition for each partner's autonomy. But what happens when separate rooms are not an option? After all, not everyone can afford another bedroom. In this case, Dr. Stanley recommends a 2-foot-2-foot (king-size) double bed that allows everyone a similar space to a single bed, and preferably a pair of twin beds, as each will be able to determine the type of mattress he prefers. It's the most selfish thing we can do, "he concludes. If you can't share your sleep with anyone, then why share your bed?"

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