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"Unusual Spies": How much can you laugh at Jonah? | Israel today


The animated film that is supposed to be a parody of the James Bond films is unmatched and repetitive • The half-baked script and action movie

The animated film that is supposed to be a parody of the James Bond films is a unique film that repeats itself to boredom • After all, there is a limit to how many jokes can be squeezed by a secret dangerous turned pigeon

  • The characters that Will Smith and Tom Holland star in "Unusual Spies"

"Unusual Spies" is a fast-paced, colorful, and uniquely animated movie that boasts just one idea - and it's not particularly ingenious either.

Will Smith portrays the secret agent Lance Sterling - a type of James Bond who tries to capture a robotic archipelago with a robotic hand (Ben Mendelson). But before he's done enough, the villain incriminates him and makes him go underground.

Now our heroic and arrogant agent has no choice but to seek help from his nerdy and orphaned Walter (who speaks in Tom Holland's voice), and from there, Walter offers Sterling a drink that turns him into a dove. Yes, what you heard.

On the one hand, now that he has become a dove, the hysterical Sterling has the perfect cover, and no one can ever find it. On the other hand, he is a dove, for heaven's sake. How to capture the archipelago with the robotic hand? And how will he cleanse his name?

The main idea is cute and all, but it's hard to say that "Unusual Spies" - produced by Blue Sky Studios ("Ice Age") - is an ambitious movie. We've already seen most of his tricks and tricks in "Super Family" and "Stolen on the Moon" movies, and there's a limit to how many jokes can be squeezed from turning a secret agent into a silly bird.

In the meantime, the aforementioned generic and despondent adventure - which in no way evolves and contains not even one surprise - lasts at least 20 minutes longer than necessary, and even my kids - who are most excited about the trailers, and die for Tom Holland - have said they were boring, disappointing and repetitive. For a change, I had to agree with them.

The script is half baked, the story drags its feet, pale and uninspiring jokes, the action is bland, and the relationship that develops between the agent and the geek does not yield an emotional record (or other kind of record) that will be in your memory. Well, at least the movie's message is positive (Walter hates violence, and throughout the movie he tries to convince Sterling to use cute, non-lethal gadgets), and that's something, I guess.

Bottom line, "Unusual Spies" is not sufficiently invested and sophisticated to be a satisfying parody of James Bond films for kids, but on the whole, he doesn't have much to offer beyond that. It's not witty, it's not original, and it doesn't even have one successful moment that wasn't included in the trailers. This is just a movie. Your children deserve better.

"Unusual Spies," US 2019

Score: 4

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