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Maayan thanks man for the important woman in her life Israel today


Mom and Dad

This week I drowned in pegs and reinforcements, but if it was up to me I would cover up and feel sorry for myself • She taught me that I can be forgiven but not forgotten

I drowned in paragon and strengthening this week, about the strengths in me, my wits, the ability to transcend and "inspire". Well, it's about getting a fraud. Because if it was up to me - I would cover up and feel sorry for myself.

The one who stood over me and drank me from the quicksand is the woman who gave me birth, and since that May, in 1987, she has not given up on me.

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She doesn't know anything on the computer, but she always knows what to do. She can't read a menu without glasses, but she can read my thoughts. She doesn't see the pillars when she's parked in Brewers, but when it comes to me - she sees ten steps ahead. miracle.

The older I get, the more I need it. She is present every moment of my day - poor or windy. Watching from the side, letting me try first alone, and if I just search - I'll find a hand there.

She knows when to push and when to curb, when to calm down and when to shake, what to dilute and what to complete that is missing. She knows when he hurt me from miles away! From another dialing area! That's how it is, Mom, it has no explanation.

She is a space consultant on every issue, which seals my every decision, small and big. No man in the world would give me a tailwind like hers. She is a teacher of life, a compass for the soul.

She taught me that the good ones go wherever they want, that beauty is a war tool of the wise, it is possible to cry but it is better to laugh, that it is worth running slowly but far away, that heels it is fire and provided that it is forgiving but must not be forgotten, that managing this is an innate female trait, that the head is cleaner When you arrange, that fat is a blessing if you put on a damper, and that I have a wife - because cellulite is better than icing.

She taught me to go through this life, to get up after I fell and shake the mud off my ass.


I have sent you every column of mine that you pass me on spelling and perception errors. There is no text of mine that you were not involved in, up to the earnings level in the paragraph. How strange it is that I have never written about you, and how fun it is to always have a first chance.

Thank you for being born to you, my heart, my lioness.

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