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Cinema outings on January 15: “1917”, “I only dream of you”… our favorites


A war film, a biopic, an animal documentary and another artistic one, two French comedies… Here is our selection from among the so

Like every week, here are the favorites of our film journalists with, this Wednesday, an immersive dive into the trenches of the First World War, a biopic dedicated to the third wife of Leon Blum, or a documentary on wolves.



Northern France, when the First World War has already lasted for three years. Schofield and Blake, two young British soldiers, accept an impossible mission: to cross enemy lines in order to contact an advanced Allied unit which is about to fall into a deadly trap. Sam Mendes, Oscar-winning director of "American Beauty", was inspired by the memories of his grandfather, who had fought in the "Great War". He adds a human story - Blake's brother is part of the regiment which is about to be exterminated -, and a sense of suspense properly suffocating, since the two volunteers have only a few hours before them to avoid the butchery.

As if that were not enough, the director added an absolutely incredible technical constraint: filming his adventure so that it looks like a single 2-hour sequence shot! A feat that reinforces the immersive aspect of the film. The result is a feature that has long been remembered, winning no less than 10 Oscar nominations.

EDITOR'S NOTE: 4.5 / 5

"1917" , historic drama by Sam Mendes with George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Mark Strong… (1h59)

"I only dream of you"

In 1940, while Léon Blum was arrested on the orders of Pétain before going on internment, Jeanne Levylier, then married to industrialist Jacques Reichenbach, abandoned family and children out of love for the former President of the Council. She will join Buchenwald, where Blum is hostage of State, and will marry him there.

History never gets better in cinema than when it combines drama with romance. Suffice to say that with "I only dream of you", adapted from the story of Dominique Missika, "I promise to return" (republished by Robert Laffont), we are served. And even answered because Laurent Heynemann ("The Old Woman Who Walked in the Sea", "The Question") managed to avoid the starched traps that plague so many reconstructions of the time. The Hippolyte Girardot-Elsa Zylberstein duo carries the truth and the intensity of this exceptional love story with equal force, supported by an inspired cast, Philippe Torreton in Pierre Laval and Jérôme Deschamps in Georges Mandel.


"I only dream of you" , a historic and romantic French drama by Laurent Heynemann, with Elsa Zylberstein, Hippolyte Girardot, Emilie Dequenne, Mathilda May… (1h40)

"Walk with the Wolves"

Why do wolves one day leave the territory of their roots, the cocoon of life in packs, to explore, alone, other countries? This is the question that Jean-Michel Bertrand, already author of "The Valley of the Wolves" in 2017, wanted to answer. Bertrand walks as he investigates, watches and takes all the time it takes, crosses valleys diagonally and mountains, from the Hautes-Alpes to the Jura, bivouac, greet earth and sky in the footsteps of his favorite animal. Driven by a speech of extreme relevance without bias or activism, his film is a wonderful and wild journey that tells a real story to young and old.


"Marche avec les Loups" , French documentary by Jean-Michel Bertrand. (1:28)



They are "honest people", but they are all going to spin. The Perez have been filming every moment of their daily life since their youngest child, Lucas, was diagnosed with an orphan disease: they live to the rhythm of "likes" and millions of lives when suddenly, they are told that their son is healed. French teacher, the precious Bettina begins digital correspondence with a YouTuber. While Florian, 25, tries to get good marks on his dating application so that he can get an appointment with his office colleague. Through five parallel stories, "Selfie" stages characters addicted to social networks in a very caustic way ... A hilarious and ultra-perceptive film.

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"Selfie" , French comedy by Thomas Bidegain, Marc Fitoussi, Tristan Aurouet, Cyril Gelblat and Vianney Lebasque. With Manu Payet, Blanche Gardin, Elsa Zylberstein… (1h47)


Hunter, who has just moved in with Richie, a young entrepreneur just married, finds himself a little disoriented by his arrival in this rich and ideal family, where his stepmother is omnipresent. When she learns that she is pregnant, Hunter begins to swallow sharp and pointed objects - needles, screws, batteries ... Disgusted, her husband and her parents-in-law will do everything to stop her, more concerned about the future of the family line only through the health of the young woman.

Preferring to flee them, Hunter explores the causes of her extraordinary behavior, which she will find in her past ... "Swallow" strikes hard as much as it hurts with this unfolding in two stages, rejection facing Hunter's behavior while first, the amazement when we understand that the film is talking about something else: the lasting trauma and the deep internal wounds that can result from sexual assault suffered in the young years. Sometimes hard to accept, this astonishing and feminist film, is carried by its main actress, Haley Bennett, which makes feel in a heartbreaking way all the mystery and the distress of this traumatized woman.


“Swallow” , by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, with Haley Benett, Austin Stowell… (1h34)


"A beautiful team"

Marco (Kad Merad), coach of the football team from Clourrières, in the North, keeps his team up to date as best he can, and can hope that she will get a qualification over the next three matches. This is without counting on Mimil (Alban Ivanov), player with unpredictable reactions who stuck everything on the ground by causing a fight on the ground. This is the team banned from competition. But Marco's daughter has a solution. Since men are no longer allowed to play, why not replace them with women? After "Comme des Garçons", by Julien Hallard, who did not have the deserved success, here is a new ode to women's football from an angle even more focused on comedy. Despite a hinge a little too easy to give a script its second impetus, this film manages to show women without clichés, vibrant with their desire for independence. The game sequences, more true than true, help him win the game.


“Une belle Equipe” , a French comedy by Mohamed Hamidi, with Kad Merad, Alban Ivanov, Céline Sallette, Sabrina Ouazani… (1h35)

"System K"

"System K" ... or when art is a luxury more vital than ever. In this feature film, where the "K" means "Kinshasa", we meet Kinois - inhabitants of Kinshasa, therefore - who make contemporary art in a country marked by civil war. Signed by Renaud Barret, filmmaker who had directed "Benda Bilili! "On an orchestra of Congolese musicians in wheelchairs," System K "gives voice to these painters, sculptors or" performers ", who recycle waste, divert monkey skulls or walk on rooftops dressed as devils ... despite the misery, lack of water and electricity often, violence and arbitrary police arrests. If the portraits of these artists are a bit repetitive, the film carries an exciting reflection on art, an essential refuge and means of survival in the midst of chaos.


“Système K” , French documentary by Renaud Barret. (1:34)

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