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Comment on "Terrorist Organization": Compromise between Amit Segal and BLAD | Israel Today


Following a compromise with the Balad faction, the journalist made a clarification on his Twitter • "The Balad Party is not a legal terrorist organization" on television

Following a compromise with the Balad faction, journalist Amit Segal issued a clarification • "The Balad Party is not a legal terrorist organization," he wrote

  • Reached a compromise. Staff Fellow // Photo: Coco

About a year ago, Amit Segal hosted the "Meet the Press" program, where he called the BLAD faction "a terrorist organization with party funding." This statement led the faction to file a lawsuit against the journalist.

In preparation of the lawsuit, for a total of NIS 280,000, party chairman Dr. Metans Shahada said that "Balad's policy was not to file lawsuits against inciters, so as not to turn the political debate into a dry legal debate. But Segal, known for belonging to the extreme right, crossed the line and used his status to hurt the party during an election period.

"The legitimacy of BLAD, which represents the national stream of Arab society and which supports the most democratic platform - the state of all its citizens, cannot be harmed."

Dr. Shehadeh added that "the Balad party sees that in the shadow of the hostility and incitement vis-à-vis Arab society in general and against the Balad party in particular, a statement such as a 'terrorist organization' can encourage violence against the party's management and its supporters, and therefore incitement by faculty Looting is prohibited, but also very dangerous. "

- Amit Segal Fellow (@amit_segal) January 14, 2020

In the lawsuit itself filed by the party, it stated that a colleague's tenure "is false and false, in the face of false media knowledge, an absolute 'fake news'." The faction members also argued that this case did not comply with the staff's bad faith claim and that it should be punished.

On the other hand, faculty filed a defense report by attorneys Dr. Isgav Nakadimon, Liat Bergman, and Tali Lieblich, arguing that "there is no doubt that the BLAD list is openly undermining Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and supporting Brishley's armed struggle. A terrorist organization against the State of Israel. "

Either way, following the lawsuit, the parties negotiated as part of a settlement process that matured on Monday for a settlement, during which the BLD party will cancel the lawsuit against faculty while writing a special status on its Twitter page, stating that "about a year ago I said The BLD is a terrorist organization. The party has been harmed by the statement and even filed a lawsuit. Well, BLD is not a terrorist organization or a legal and legal terrorist advocate and so the Supreme Court has ruled. "

Beyond that, it was also agreed that a colleague would read the agreed wording without any other supplement under one of the afternoon programs for News 12, where he works.

It should be noted that in Twitter's status on Twitter, he stated that he did not intend to back out of his perception of BLD, but merely that "clarification says BLD is not a" legal "terrorist organization."

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