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Dominus Pizza Burger: How does Plus and Plus come out minus? - Walla! Food


Who among us did not find himself debating time and again about whether to order a burger or pizza, now came Domino's Pizza, forged the cards and launched a pizza burger, so now we can be ...

Dominus Pizza Burger: How does Plus and Plus come out minus?

Who among us did not find himself debating time and again about whether to order a burger or pizza, now came Pizza Domino's, shuffled the cards and launched a pizza burger, so can we now be supplied from both worlds at the same time? Not sure

Pizza Burger (Photo: Dan Peretz)

Pizza Burger Dominus (Photo: Dan Peretz, PR)

We've all struggled at least once in our lives with the fateful question of whether we fancy a burger or pizza, two of the ultimate junk food dads. Although its prevalence is quite a quirk when you think about it, these two foods meet completely different needs, and the only reason we compare them is because we love them equally. This dilemma now seeks to solve Pizza Domino's, which comes out nationwide and launches a new pizza - pizza burger. Instead of choosing we can now be supplied from both worlds, a pizza which is a burger, a burger which is a pizza. is that so?

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There are chips on the side (Photo: Dan Peretz)

Pizza Burger Dominus (Photo: Dan Peretz, PR)

We approached this tasting task with mixed emotions. On the one hand we like pizza. Although Domino's is not necessarily our first choice when it comes to ordering pizza, especially today it has pretty serious boutique competitors in the market, but in our view pizza is a basic consumer product and, as sometimes we will buy uniform bread in the supermarket, sometimes we will also eat Domino's pizza, it is not perfect , But we are not angry with ourselves when this happens.

On the other hand, the announcement of the new Pizza Burger immediately raised us antagonism. It's not the first gimmick that Domino's has pulled off its sleeve in recent years, it was Asaf Granite's chef's pizza that turned out not to be an unusual shot, and even just recently the network also had a rather strange attempt to link pizza to athletes with "Calcium-rich Pizza and Low Calorie" Domino's S. recommend athletes eat after training, which is like asking a chiropractor for a ski vacation. Asking for it fulfilled, but it is audacity if it answers.

This is how it looks in reality, quite similar (Photo: Reut Sahar)

Pizza Burger Dominus (Photo: Reut Crescent, Reut Crescent)

Domino's Pizza Burger takes all the classic hamburger ingredients and puts them on a pizza dough in the oven. Decomposed burger meat (ground beef on pizza is nothing new), mozzarella cheese (which actually makes it a cheeseburger pizza, isn't it?), Purple onion rings, slices of tomato and pickles, yes pickles, and most of all, "hamburger sauce" turned out to be a sauce Thousand Islands. To support the narrative, sesame dough is spread on the dough like on a bun and the pizza side has chips and ketchup, to feed the guilt more.

Although there were members of the editorial board who were eager to hear about the pizza that was coming to us, the enthusiasm somewhat subsided upon arrival. It was difficult to determine if it was something we wanted to eat or want to avoid, and yet the hands were extended and the triangles were taken. The meat was actually fine, not salty and evenly sprinkled, the cheese was barely felt, the pickles, we discovered unfortunately, did not go crazy over the heat of the oven, but somehow it goes, too, and the thousand island sauce was cheap and unnecessary. The end result was a bit dry and stiff, even though the flavors actually worked out the way it was.

For heavy junk food lovers (Photo: Dan Peretz)

Pizza Burger Dominus (Photo: Dan Peretz, PR)

Surprisingly, and at one time, they all determined that the best part of the pizza was the brown speckles speckled with sesame seeds. And when the best part of the pizza is its "difficult" then the situation is really difficult. Anyone who did not deliver it turned to comfort, which turned out to be an optimistic but wrong move, the chips did not survive the shipment and came sad and wet. Instead of comforting him we should have comforted him.

Junk food lovers and kids will probably appreciate this pizza to a certain extent, it does connect two worlds, which Domino's managed. It's a shame that this equation brought pretty poor worlds, a generic and cheap burger, and a standard, regular pizza. Imagine you were connecting a divine hamburger to a genius pizza, these are worlds to connect. It is a union we would love to be present in.

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