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How to fix posture, breathing and improve digestion in seconds? - Walla! health


Physical therapist reveals all the tricks with which you can improve your digestive system in seconds, prevent headaches and joint pain - and it all depends on your posture, breathing habits and ...

How to fix posture, breathing and improve digestion in seconds?

Physical therapist reveals all the tricks that can help improve your digestive system in seconds, prevent headaches and joint pain - and it all depends on your posture, breathing habits and shoulder stability.

How to fix posture, breathing and improve digestion in seconds?

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The Holy Trinity of good posture, proper breathing and quick digestion - these are things that are hard to come by, although they are obviously very important for our health. But it turns out there are simple tricks that can make this change for us and upgrade our health. At least that's what physical therapist Beth Thomas of Adelaide, South Australia, says in an interview with the Daily Mill that the key to all this goodness is in our breath. He recommends using a four-second count to soothe and regulate shallow breathing - by inhaling, holding the lungs for four seconds at a time, placing one hand on your upper and lower chest to find out where your breathing is coming from.

According to her, although we usually breathe without thinking, we don't always do it right. "Unless people notice that their breathing is limited, most clients I see are completely unaware of their breathing," said Beth, adding that the most common problem she encounters is shallow breathing from the upper chest. She explains that proper breathing - which includes full and deep breathing from the diaphragm - is very important for overall health, lowering the level of stress to reduce blood pressure and regulating major body functions.

"If you notice your breaths are shallower and sharper than usual, use four counts to regulate your breathing - inhale for four seconds, hold your air healthy for four seconds and exhale for four seconds - to calm your breath," she said.

Meditation exercises like yoga, tai chi and some types of Pilates can also help regulate breathing, but there is also a simple physical therapy trick that can help you determine if you are breathing and breathing correctly - place one hand on your upper abdomen, where the diaphragm sits, and the other on the chest. Top to see which of the hands goes up and down with the breath.

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This is the pace at which you should breathe

Breathing rhythm gif (Photo: Giphy)

The importance of posture

"Proper posture is much calmer than you think - allow your shoulders to relax and relieve tension," she said, explaining that migraines, headaches and joint pain can be caused by improper standing. She said these are all symptoms that are shared by people who do not understand how to stand.

Migraines, headaches and headaches can all be caused by poor posture, and Beth says these are so common due to a general misunderstanding of how to correct posture. "We often think that shoulders pulled back and chin up are the best posture. To us when we were young, but the back shoulder actually increases tension in the neck and upper back, "she said.

"Relaxed posture is more correct. You need to be upright from the top to the back through your shoulders, with relaxed and tense shoulders around your spine," explained a daughter who also shared a simple trick to correct sagging and sagging "rocking or rolling her shoulders, do some neck movements. And cause your body to move slightly before settling into a better position. "

On the relationship between posture and breathing

And what about digestion?

Beth believes that the most common causes of digestive problems are stress, emotional turmoil, and poor nutrition - which must be resolved through relaxation techniques such as yoga, psychological counseling, and consulting with a dietician. But she also says physical therapy can help alleviate the physical side effects of poor digestion, such as abdominal pain, bloating, and flatulence, through the "release of hands" on the ribs and abdomen. Gentle stretching exercises and deep breathing can also relieve digestive discomfort.

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