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That's how we kill ourselves Israel today


The documentary series "The War on Plastic" sheds light on one of Earth's most polluting factors

The documentary series "The War on the Plastic" sheds light on one of the most polluting factors on earth • You will get your attention, and yet the message could be more effectively conveyed

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    Cellcom TV

At the beginning of the movie "War on the plastic" a garbage truck pours its contents into the sea. Hugh, the program's director, explains that every minute, that amount of plastic is thrown into the sea and stays there for hundreds of years. If it failed to shock you - there are more trucks behind it. Of course, he didn't really do it, but he'll get your attention.

"The War on Plastic" is a British series that comes to look at how things work for them at home, and to assess the amount of plastic the British consume, Hugh and Anita, who join, one street model, whose residents collaborate and take out all the disposable plastics in the house (soap dispensers, Boxes, bags and so on). Counting what they have taken out of homes twice all households in the UK gives a scary number in size - 19.5 billion items.

As is well known, plastic is one of the most common pollutants on Earth, and this series wants to focus on how much we pollute the environment and what can be done to reduce pollution at the individual and state levels.

Armed with the WarOnPlastic hashtag, Hugh and Anita embark on a campaign that is all about plastic war. During which they will find out who is comfortable leaving the situation, what about the UK's responsibility for having tons of plastic from it coming to Malaysia and causing environmental pollution and morbidity among locals, and how marketing networks can help fight plastic (if only they want to). This campaign enlists families and groups of influence in British society, to raise awareness and significantly reduce plastic consumption.

19.5 billion items in the UK alone. Hugh Vanita, "The War on the Plastic" // Photo: Courtesy of Cellcom TV

Although the theme of the series is unbelievably important, and really speaks to every sane person on earth, the way the series works is a bit outdated. As someone studying some of the activist docs on Netflix, for example, it's hard not to wonder why the "war on plastic" is so tight. Each episode lasted about an hour and a lot of information presented there could have been clearer and shorter if they had used infographic. Hugh takes things personally, is angry, hurt or disappointed by the authorities attitude, and so he tries to make it personal among viewers and pollutants as well, and it doesn't really work.

The "war on plastic" is very important and enlightening to those who have yet to understand how slowly and surely we are killing ourselves. Not sure you survived to tell, nor because of the infection.

"The War on the Plastic," Cellcom TV

We could be shocked in a more effective way // Photo: Courtesy of Cellcom TV

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