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Haven't you come for a long time? Here's how to get your libido back in three days - Walla! health


Studies show alarming data on women's sexual desire over the past decade, more precisely its absence. Since we are in favor of strengthening female power, here is an accurate and effective plan of action ...

Haven't you come for a long time? This is how you get your libido back in three days

Studies show alarming data on women's sexual desire over the past decade, more precisely its absence. Since we are in favor of strengthening female power, here is a precise and effective plan of action that will arouse your desire in a short time and without too much effort

Haven't you come for a long time? This is how you get your libido back in three days

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The new millennium and its meteoric advances have changed the way young people treat sex, and research shows that the world is in the midst of a period of sexual recession, despite the much openness to the issue.

And this is not just Millennials - a recent study by the University of Glasgow has published that more than a third of women in the UK do not want to have sex and have difficulty enjoying them. Another worrying statistic is that 80 percent of those who have shown little interest in sex were married or cohabiting. The reasons ranged from low self-confidence, problematic body image, feeling pain during sex, hormonal changes, marital intimacy issues and more.

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Bottom line, many women seem to have lost their libido and have trouble finding it again and giving it back to their routine. Kate Taylor, a particularly popular "sex expert" in the British media, who has even published three books on female sexuality, detailed in British Sun her plan to return the libido in just three days so that British women (and women in general) can enjoy the magic again. It's time for Coffey, Feist and Cher.

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Wait, before you start:

• Check the side effects of any medication you are taking - some of them may interfere with your libido, in which case you should consult a doctor.

• Identify your location in your menstrual cycle - the level of lust increases around the time of ovulation (day 12-14) or just before the cycle begins, as your estrogen levels rise.

• Pay attention to your "hormonal rhythm" - it is very different whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or menopause, and has a big impact on sexual desire. In this case, you should also consult a doctor.

• Please note that the guideline for drinking is general - during your three-day "workshop" limit drinking your tea and coffee to a glass or two a day. Too much caffeine can leave you mostly anxious and stressed out. Also avoid alcohol and two water. Lots of water.

Day 1: Fruit salad, yoga and notes

The bridge posture and child posture are especially recommended for the return of the mojo. Woman doing yoga (Photo: ShutterStock)

Woman practicing yoga in bridge pose (Photo: ShutterStock)

For breakfast: fruit salad made from strawberries, banana, raspberries and blueberries (if any), some honey and 60 grams of walnuts. Such a diet contains zinc and potassium, which help raise the level of testosterone and are essential to your cravings.

Lunch: You can eat whatever you want, but accompany it with pomegranate juice - which increases testosterone, reduces stress levels and elevates mood.

Evening: Chilli con stew with a lot of red beans. The chili is an old-fashioned passion that probably improves blood flow down there, and the red bean is rich in a basic amino acid called arginine that has been shown to increase female desire and satisfaction.

The daily exercise
Research has found that yoga can improve women's sexual drive, desire, natural lubrication, and orgasm, especially among women over 45. Yoga also reduces cortisol (stress) levels, as well as a successful way to connect with the body and its sensations. Two particularly recommended postures for reviving the mojo are the bridge posture and the child posture.

The daily task
Before you go to bed (early, because multiple sleep helps libido) write a list of everything you love about your spouse or partner, focusing on the appearance or physical features, or any other detail that you find interesting. Then add to the list of everything you think is sexy about you.

Keep this list where you see a lot, say on your phone, and read it at least five times a day for the next three days.

Day 2: Basil, Sweat and Massage

Basil to improve blood flow, garlic to the touch and pine nuts to stimulate the cravings. Components of pesto sauce (Photo: ShutterStock)

Pesto (Photo: ShutterStock)

For breakfast: Soy smoothies consisting of 150 ml of milk or soy yogurt mixed with a handful of berries, black grapes, one chopped apple and 60 g almonds. Soy milk, soy yogurt and tofu contain isoflavone compounds - which are phytoestrogens, the plant version Of the human hormone estrogen, they can boost your natural lubrication and increase sexual pleasure.

Lunch: Add two or three celery sticks to a meal of your choice. Celery contains an amino acid that helps expand blood vessels - a kind of vegan viagra.

Evening: Pasta pasta. The basil scent is designed to ignite sexual desire, and it helps improve blood flow throughout your body and can boost your libido and improve your natural lubrication. Don't forget the pine nuts in the recipe; They, too, are considered to be stimulating. Garlic contains Alicin, an active compound that can increase your sensitivity to touch.

The daily exercise
Time to sweat. Five times a half-hour of swimming, walking, running or your favorite endurance training should increase your craving. It is possible to strengthen strength training such as weight lifting, which increases testosterone and consequently the enthusiasm in the bedroom.

The daily task
Massage may dramatically lower your body's cortisol and increase testosterone. Ask your spouse to massage you with essential oil for 30 minutes and focus on your feet, back, abdomen and shoulders. While reading aloud what you enjoy most, it's important that you feel your needs are being heard, and addressed. After the massage do not have sex - just go to sleep. You will need your power for the third and final day.

Day 3: Double picnic, dancing and treats

While pampering, remember the hottest sex you've ever had. Woman legs in foam bath (Photo: ShutterStock)

Woman's legs in foam bath (Photo: ShutterStock)

For breakfast: avocado on cereal bread toast. The avocado contains energy folic acid, vitamin B6 for regulating hormone prolactin and enhancing natural sexual desire. Bread pumpkin seeds will provide plenty of zinc.

Lunch: Eat as you please, but indulge yourself in chocolate. To maximize your serotonin and libido levels in chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa. Research has found that in people who did, there was a pulse and brain activity similar to that caused by light sexual contact that included hugs, caresses and kisses.

Evening: Double picnic. Good options for packaging are asparagus - which contains histamine for strong orgasms, chickpeas - whose berries are brimming with hormone-balanced vitamin B6, high-smoky salmon - high in its dopamine-boosting omega 3, and figs - which can boost pheromone levels, a hormone that will make you particularly attractive. All this is worth borrowing with your favorite wine, because alcohol will soothe and help reduce inhibitions.

The daily exercise
Dance! With your spouse - close and close. Contact with the skin can increase oxytocin levels, which can increase your feelings of affection and confidence. In addition, looking at a dancing partner will make your brain see them as sexier than usual because it (the brain) will link the cause of your pulse rise to them, rather than the physical activity involved in the dance.

The daily task
You've reached the grand final! And it features a pampering foam bath plus a beauty session, exfoliation and grooming. This will allow you to shake off the day you have been through so far and focus on what is to come. In the meantime, remember the hottest sex you've ever had, the sights, sounds and touch. Then, when you feel "heated" enough - invite your spouse to join in and devote yourself to the matter slowly and pleasantly.

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