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Turns out the most interesting things on the net happened last week at best, or in the 1980s at worst • Dana Zermon lives on Story TV

It turns out that the most interesting things on the net happened last week at best, or in the 1980s at worst • You can be forgiven for the amateur production, but you can't understand how such a thing came to the screen

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Dana Zermon received a program on Channel 24 - the experimental balloon of television shows that usually do not rise anywhere. The reason is quite clear: Investment in these programs is minimal, the items are recycled and the editing is quite amateurish. Add to that the fact that the presenter is not really experienced, and you will receive an occasional night of words that lead to another web video or another.

But these are seemingly fixable problems. The concept of the program is the heart of the problem. A program based on "All the Most Interesting Stories in the Stories Dana Zermon Follows" is irrelevant unless it comes up on the day it is filmed. By the time filming a program on the "hot stuff on the net" has long been a history and the network has moved on to the next. Take, for example, the Dolly Parton Challenge, which began last weekend and will disappear in two days. If a plan came up today that talked about it, it might have been relevant.

How to identify an item from a week ago? From "mystory #" // screenshot

So what was in Zarmon's plan? An item that opens in Maya Wertheimer heralds her relatives that she is pregnant (she was already giving birth this week), dog birthday cakes, home fitness training (it was a trend in the 1980s, what closes?), Chefs who come to cook at home and celebs with their siblings (Nothing that was in Guy Pines). In between, Zermon promotes herself because the other examples run out and so you can see her ticking, her storylines and more.

"#mystory" looks like a gig on Dana Zarmon's private YouTube channel, and not like something on TV. It is irrelevant, not topical and does not really renew anything. And here's a tip you won't see in any of Dana Zarmon's story: If you have nothing to innovate in the field you purport to bring, you might want to reconsider.

"#mystory with Dana Zermon," Channel 24, 11 p.m.

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