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Do you like to cook with garlic? This is why the corona virus could spoil this for you


Despite the strong smell, garlic is often used in the kitchen. You could think about that in the future if this scenario comes true.

Despite the strong smell, garlic is often used in the kitchen. You could think about that in the future if this scenario comes true.

  • Garlic * is often used to give dishes a spicy taste.
  • Not only the Wall Street Journal is currently reporting on rising garlic prices worldwide.
  • Connections are being made to the corona virus, which is now rampant worldwide.

There are actually two reasons for a connection between garlic prices and the coronavirus :

1. Garlic production in China is affected

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), 80 percent of the world's garlic deliveries now come from China. Huge plantations are run in the country that satisfy the global hunger for the spicy tuber. Due to the coronavirus wave *, many employees in these companies drop out because they are ill or are in quarantine . This is noticeable in the production quantities and thus also in exports. This shortage would also affect garlic prices in the medium term, according to the WSJ. But not only the reduced garlic production is responsible. The second reason is somewhat more questionable.

2. China needs its garlic itself

China has arranged for large quantities of garlic to be transported to the crisis area , as reported by, among others. 300 tons were then delivered to the heavily affected city of Huanggang. Should garlic help against the virus? No, the WHO (World Health Organization) clearly contradicts this rumor:

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A post shared by World Health Organization (@who) on Feb 2, 2020 at 2:22 pm PST

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Garlic doesn't help against coronavirus, but ...

Nevertheless, the spicy tuber has a positive quality that brings a spark of truth to the rumor. The oils that give garlic its odor-intensive after-effects are said to have antibacterial or antiviral properties and to prevent respiratory infections . Since the corona virus also enters our body as a droplet infection, this effect of garlic * is interesting. However, the effect is so small that you should not rely on the tuber, but on many other, significantly more effective methods that protect against infection with the corona virus *.

Grow and save garlic yourself?

So continue to cook with garlic mainly because of the taste. If the prices rise, as the Wall Street Journal notes, you can also grow it yourself and make yourself independent. In spring you can put garlic:

  • Simply plant your toes in loose soil by mid-March.
  • Place them with the onion bottom down about two to three centimeters deep and ten centimeters into the ground.
  • As soon as flowers form, cut them off, then the bulbs become larger.
  • You can use garlic green like chives.
  • If a third of the leaves are withered, you can harvest the garlic.

You can consume the garlic fresh , or hang it up to dry and use it later. For example, make this delicious garlic paste * as a celebrity chef recommends.

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