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Three ways out of burnout: How to overcome the crisis


Lack of motivation, sleep problems and a feeling of emptiness can be signs of burnout. If the syndrome is not treated, there are serious consequences.

Lack of motivation, sleep problems and a feeling of emptiness can be signs of burnout. If the syndrome is not treated, there are serious consequences.

Do you feel exhausted? In most cases, this condition is harmless and disappears as soon as you take a break from relaxation. But you feel more and more drained, feel an inner emptiness and lose motivation, can be a burnout.

According to the Ă„rzteblatt, referring to a survey by pronova BKK, every second German feels threatened by burnout. If you notice the first signs and intervene in time, you can counteract the consequences of a burnout.

Burnout symptoms: These signs should be taken seriously

Not only external factors such as stress at work or the constant - mostly negative - flood of information count among the possible triggers of burnout syndrome, which translates as "burnt out". The character and characteristics of a person can also favor development , such as a lack of resilience, excessive expectations of the job or high demands on oneself.

There are a number of risk factors that may promote burnout, including :

  • very high engagement in the job
  • own needs are not seen or put behind
  • missing recovery phases *

The following symptoms * are already a sign that a burnout syndrome has developed :

  • constant exhaustion
  • Feeling of inner emptiness
  • Dejection and resignation
  • reduced resilience
  • Mood swings, irritability and aggressiveness
  • Recreation inability
  • constant feeling of tiredness
  • inner restlessness and nervousness
  • reduced frustration tolerance
  • indecisiveness
  • difficulty concentrating
  • listlessness
  • Feelings of inferiority

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Treat burnout: autogenic training to behavior therapy

Failure to treat burnout can have a huge impact on the lives of those affected. Avoiding social contacts and lack of drive can lead to burnout sufferers withdrawing and sliding into depression *. The immune system also suffers: People with burnout are sick more often because they are more susceptible to infections . Also possible consequences: increased risk of addiction, sleep disorders, palpitations, headaches, indigestion, back pain, dizziness *, breathing problems or weight changes.

Uniform treatment standards do not yet exist, since burnout syndrome is not listed in medical classification systems. It is simply not considered to be an illness at the present time because burnout is a relatively new health problem that is also promoted by modern lifestyle.

But various treatment approaches are promising in the treatment of burnout syndrome, including:

  • Relaxation methods such as autogenic training or meditation *
  • a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and a healthy diet
  • Psychotherapy (depth psychological approaches and behavior therapy)
  • proper time management to prevent stress

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Fundraisers protect against burnout - and can lead out of the crisis

A meaning in life is also essential to prevent or treat burnout. Finding meaning is a very individual factor: for some it is the family that makes sense, for others it is the job. Volunteering or a hobby can also have a meaningful effect * .

Jason Shen, author of the motivational blog "The Art of Ass Kicking" and founder of three startups, sees the job as a founder of meaning critically. A professional setback is enough to make life seem pointless , as the Business Insider quotes. Shen therefore advises changing the focus - even if you don't have a religion or family as a meaning-maker. He advises the following measures:

  • Meet friends, find a new hobby: maintain social contacts
  • If you help others , you get the feeling that you are needed - also a good creator of meaning
  • Anyone who makes a positive contribution is also doing something good for themselves: You can not only get involved in a circle of friends or in the family - volunteering is also part of it

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Survey on the topic:

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