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Weird discovery: This hilarious tradition of a company inspires the net


Time in the office can be pretty boring. A company therefore maintains an unusual tradition and thus sweetens the everyday work routine of the employees.

Time in the office can be pretty boring. A company therefore maintains an unusual tradition and thus sweetens the everyday work routine of the employees.

  • On Reddit, one person posted an image that was taken in a company.
  • The photo caused great enthusiasm.
  • The picture shows an example of a typical tradition of the company .

How can you make everyday work more interesting and above all funnier? For many, the fun at work is limited to having lunch with their colleagues. There are still many creative options for more enjoyment in the workplace - which a Reddit user proves impressively.

Reddit user publishes picture of funny notice

The user Magurdrac shared a picture that was taken in his company. There are two notices on it that comment on each other. The purpose of the top note is to inform the employees that the company toilet * is defective and should not be used.

Workplace Custom - Amending / Adding to notices around the office. from r / funny

However, one employee felt provoked by the top note. He referred the message "out of order" ("out of order" or "does not work") to himself, which is why he responded to this alleged insult with a second notice : "I'm not sure if you know who you are with Talking here. Doesn't work? If you don't work at all, my friend. I didn't do anything to you, I just came in here to do my business in peace and then continue to work. Therefore I don't understand why you are looking for a fight. By the way: The toilet is broken. Please fix it. "

The comment is of course meant ironically. But why does anyone answer such an unspectacular notice at all? The answer is hidden in the heading of the Reddit article: It is a tradition of the company . As a response, another notice must be stuck under each notice.

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Users react to the notice with a known film quote

The contribution on Reddit has received over 5,000 so-called "upvotes", which means that this number of people was very amused by the notices. But the comments are also quite funny to read: Several users react with a quote from the film "The Fragrance of Women" , in which Frank Slade (Al Pacino) complains in a court case with the following words: "Doesn't work? I'll show you , which means 'does not work'! " The notice was probably even inspired by this quote.

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