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When Juan Branco wanted to make Griveaux "fall": three questions about a strange video


The lawyer and friend of Piotr Pavlenski had published a video on YouTube in July 2019 where he intended to "drop" Benjamin Griveaux. Yes

A new video comes a little more to cast doubt on the lawyer and shadow councilor of Piotr Pavlenski, Juan Branco, in the case of the intimate video involving Benjamin Griveaux, who has since withdrawn his candidacy for mayor from Paris.

Unearthed by Paris Match magazine, the video, published on YouTube in July 2019, shows the lawyer in full monologue facing the camera, in the dark. He tackled it pell-mell, his book "Crépuscule", WikiLeaks, the Yellow Vests, the intimidation he faced, the case of Julian Assange ... And Benjamin Griveaux, whom he said he wanted to "fall", by presenting himself against him in municipal elections. Focus on the video.

I received a police summons

I received a police summons. It's the first. It will not be the last. To their ugliness. To our minds. To the arms of thought.

Gepostet von Juan Branco am Samstag, 27. Juli 2019

Where does this video come from?

The video, titled "Arms of the Spirit," was posted on July 27, 2019, on Juan Branco's YouTube channel. It lasts a little over 17 minutes and shows Juan Branco, filmed in the dark at the level of the face. Found by Paris Match - which promises in its issue of the day "a great investigation" and revelations about Juan Branco, including this video "where Branco betrays" - it is no longer listed on Juan Branco's account today. Questioned on this subject, Juan Branco affirms, screenshot in support, that it is a bug on the platform. There would therefore be no desire to hide it.

The sequence is also available on his Facebook account anyway, the two versions of the video accumulating tens of thousands of views this Wednesday evening.

What does Juan Branco say inside?

The lawyer begins his long monologue by announcing a summons by the police. "My turn came, as they say. In the middle of summer, when the newsrooms are asleep. ” Without giving many details, Juan Branco evokes "a case which has not directly to do with Crépuscule", his pamphlet published in March 2019 by Le Diable Vauvert, and sold 250,000 copies. The lawyer accuses his detractors of "they" without anyone really knowing who he is talking about: "They had three months to attack me in libel, they did not do it".

Quickly, the monologue drifts towards the attack at the Fenwick of the Yellow Vests against the ministry of the spokesperson of the government, at the time Benjamin Griveaux, occurred on January 5, 2019. Juan Branco accuses the government of having attributed to him "the attack in the Fenwick of a coward and a coward, Benjamin Griveaux, on whom I had investigated and in front of which I found myself when his ministry saw his door smashed in Fenwick ". Indeed, surveillance cameras from the rue de Grenelle ministry had identified Branco at the scene that day. The deputy LREM Aurore Bergé had then sent a letter to the Paris Prosecutor's Office denouncing remarks by deputy LFI Thomas Guénolé and Juan Branco, according to her according to "the provocation to crimes and misdemeanors".

The lawyer also denounces the intimidations to which he has been subjected throughout his life: from his thesis on the International Criminal Court published in 2014, which allegedly resulted in threats of “prosecution for complicity in crime against the humanity ”, to this famous summons by the police.

Towards the middle of the video, the lawyer mentioned Benjamin Griveaux a second time, this time about the upcoming municipal elections: “We have to think about the necessary maturity that is imposed on us at a time when the macronie is solidifying its power and imposing its oligarchic structuring, waiting for only one thing: to win everything at the municipal level ”. Then to continue: "I voluntarily let leak the idea that a candidacy for the town hall of Paris could intervene and that the darling child of the macronie, a certain Benjamin Griveaux, could therefore fall. Because it would not be so much about winning as crushing it by sending back its arrogance and contempt, its incompetence and its inanity. By forcing him into a confrontation that would force him to see him naked in his ugliness ”.

Juan Branco had recorded an early confession regarding the Griveaux affair. A sequence in which the grotesque narcissist quarrels with abjection. Excluded Match-Affaire Griveaux: the video where Branco betrays himself via @ParisMatch

- Eric Naulleau (@EricNaulleau) February 27, 2020

Is there a link with the Griveaux affair?

Should this be seen as a connection with the recent broadcast by Piotr Pavlenski of Benjamin Griveaux's intimate video? Or premeditation, as some people suggest on Twitter? A priori, Juan Branco did not know Piotr Pavlenski in the summer of 2019, since he says he met him at the end of the year, during a conference at the Sorbonne. Questioned on the phone, Juan Branco shows himself somewhat irritated by the premeditation hypothesis: “My video goes in the direction of political action. I was in a fight, ”he just explains. He denies any personal animosity: "I don't know him, I was told that he was very nice in private".

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For Branco, this is an attack by Paris Match who "is trying to put me behind this whole affair". “Everyone knows the intimate links that link Paris Match to this power. Twilight suddenly exposed them. No surprise at their inanity ”.

Laughter guaranteed

- Juan Branco, Dr. ✊️ 布蘭柯 (@anatolium) February 26, 2020

Suspected of being the third man in the Griveaux affair with Piotr Pavlenski, and his partner Alexandra de Taddeo, Branco had recently assured the Parisian: “I am not the third man. How did I become the subject of this case? He also assured: "For my part, I would never have broadcast these videos. These are not my methods. The 30-year-old lawyer, on the other hand, claims to have "formulated legal advice" to the Russian activist when the videos were published. A justification undermined by LCI, which recently revealed two messages dated February 15 and attributed to Alexandra de Taddeo. According to the media, during her hearing by the Parisian PJ, the young woman of 29 years would have mentioned "Juan's strategy" to her then lawyer, Me Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard.

Pavlenski and de Taddeo have since been indicted for "invasion of privacy" and "distribution without the person's consent of a recording of words or images of a sexual nature". Branco may soon be heard by investigators.

Source: leparis

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