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Coronavirus, first contagion in Nigeria: it is an Italian. First case in Holland, it had been in Italy


The result obtained at the Sacco in Milan, as announced at ANSA by professor Professor Massimo Galli, director of the Institute of biomedical sciences. The Tar suspended the order of the Marche region for the closure of schools, museums and public events until March 4th. Red zone doctors alert: 'Patients left alone' [ -soli_72296e8c-16df-41e7-92b2-4f6351037076.html]. Di Maio. "Quarantined people are 0.089% of the population. All patients at Spallanzani have recovered." The Chinese couple: 'Saved by Italian doctors'. Israel rejects passengers from Italy (ANSA)

An Italian who returned from Milan on February 25 is the first infected with the new coronavirus in Nigeria. This was announced by the Nigerian Ministry of Health, specifying that "the patient is hospitalized in the state of Lagos in stable conditions and does not present worrying symptoms".

Holland has announced the first case of coronavirus infection . The BBC reports it. It is a person in Tilburg in the south who had recently returned from northern Italy.

British Airways and the low cost airline Easyjet have decided to cancel new flights to northern Italy and to extend this measure, initially scheduled until March 11, at least until March 28. The BBC reports it. In addition to the connections to Milan, the British flag carrier has announced, 56 connections to various destinations will be interrupted, including Bologna, Venice and Turin. The connections with Seoul, which will be one day and one day, and six flights to Singapore until March 15 have also been reduced.

Easyjet has made it known that there has been a "significant" drop in demand towards its destinations in northern Italy and other European locations. Easy Jet also announced a cut in spending, a freeze on hiring and a stop to non-compulsory training courses.

The United Arab Emirates have decided to cancel the last two stages of the UAE Tour after "Italian staff members" have been found positive for coronavirus. The BBC reports it. Organizers, participants, staff members and anyone who came in contact with the two Italians are now taking the test to verify that they have not been infected.

Coronavirus positive in Italy has risen to 650 . Then there are three other deaths in Lombardy, all over 80 years old. The head of the Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli said it, taking stock of the emergency. Three other people in Lombardy with Coronavirus were also cured : there are now 40 in the region. "Everything is normal, there is no problem in the red zone," said Borrelli. "The Department has made available and over 35 thousand masks are arriving in Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto".

Meanwhile the alarm of the doctors of the red zones arrived. In a letter of complaint, issued by the Order of Doctors, two general practitioners from the red zone in Lombardy underline that the 4 general practitioners of the Lodigiano area where they are located are in quarantine or hospitalized. Coronavirus positive patients with pneumonia but not serious and therefore left at home, as well as all other patients - oncological, chronic - do not have the opportunity to be visited. In replacement of the family doctors in isolation, for a basin of 6 thousand inhabitants, only one was sent, with only 2 masks supplied.

Researchers from the Sacco Hospital in Milan have isolated the Italian coronavirus strain . Professor Massimo Galli, director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, announced it to ANSA, who illustrated the results of the research work that has been going on continuously since last Sunday, coordinated by Professor Claudia Balotta. Precarious researchers Alessia Loi, Annalisa Bergna and Arianna Gabrieli are part of the team, together with their Polish colleague Maciej Tarkowski and Professor Gianguglielmo Zehender.

"Msc Cruises has just received official confirmation from the Mexican health authorities that, also following the medical tests carried out by the same authorities during the night, on board Msc Meraviglia in Cozumel there are no cases of coronavirus, but only two episodes of simple flu seasonal. The local authorities have therefore authorized the disembarkation of all passengers on board to visit the resort. " The company makes it known in a note.


In Italy , 0.1% of municipalities are affected by the coronavirus epidemic , people in quarantine are 0.089% of the total population and the Italian territory in isolation is 0.01%: these are the numbers released by the Foreign Minister Di Maio .


Rome also collects solidarity and support from the European Commission, which defines Italy's action against the immediate and resolute virus. EU Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides "was in Italy yesterday to discuss with the authorities the point of the situation on the coronavirus epidemic - explained Commission spokeswoman Vivian Loonela -. On this occasion she expressed Italy full solidarity with the Commission and thanked the authorities for immediate and resolute action to reduce the impact of the outbreaks. All issues on which it has already expressed itself publicly following the meetings with the Italian authorities on the matter ".

" The epidemic is globalizing, it is no longer a local fact, " explains complex systems physicist Alessandro Vespignani. Today's data, in fact, confirm that for the second consecutive day, China no longer holds the record for new infections, surpassed by South Korea. And new countries such as Denmark, Romania and Estonia are announcing their first cases. From Mexico, meanwhile, despite the protests of some citizens, the green light comes to the docking in Cozumel of the ship 'Msc Meraviglia', which had been rejected by two Caribbean ports.

Marine Le Pen who calls for the suspension of Schengen "damages Italy , while she says she is close to an Italian party ... We are now victims of the sovereignty of these people. In this context, solidarity does not exist. I found solidarity from the ministers of the health of all border countries, even when it comes to explaining to their public opinion that it is useless to suspend Schengen. Those who ask for it in Italy are wrong: we have hundreds of thousands of people who cross borders, to work, every day " . Luigi Di Maio says so in an interview with Le Monde.

A collaborator of the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana has tested positive for the coronavirus and he will go into self-isolation. "From today something will change - he says in a video on Facebook, making the case of his collaborator positive - because I too will land on the instructions given by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, so for two weeks I will try to live in a sort of car - isolation that above all preserves the people who work with me ".


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