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Coronavirus, Emiliano: 'Don't bring the epidemic to Puglia'


The appeal of the president of Puglia: 'Get off trains and planes'. And orders the quarantine for those returning: '14-day trustee isolation' (ANSA)

"I speak to you as if you were my children, my brothers, my grandchildren: Stop and go back. Get off at the first train station, don't take the planes for Bari and Brindisi, go back with the cars, leave the bus at next stop. Do not bring the Lombard, Venetian and Emilian epidemic to your Puglia by running away to prevent the government's decree from entering into force " . This is the appeal of the President of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano in a post published last night .

"You are carrying - the Emiliano continues in a post on Facebook - in the lungs of your brothers and sisters, your grandparents, uncles, cousins, parents the virus that has folded the health system of northern Italy. You could have protected yourself as prescribed, staying at home and taking all the precautions you have learned by now. But you made a wrong decision. " "Unfortunately I do not have the power to block you - he adds - but I can order you to communicate your arrival to the family doctors and to remain at home in fiduciary isolation for 14 days. If you want to avoid these consequences, if you are in Lombardy or in the other provinces indicated , do not go back to Puglia now and if you are already traveling, go back. I know what you are feeling. But you must be clear. This exodus does not help you and it only hurts, so bad for those in Puglia who await you and love you ". "And to those in Puglia - he adds - I say: do not ask me to close the borders of the region, to block planes, trains, buses and cars because I do not have this power. The limitation of freedom of movement is the exclusive competence of the national government ". "In this way - he concludes - I am doing my utmost to limit very serious health damage resulting from this sudden exodus".

An ordinance that provides for 14 days of fiduciary isolation for those who have returned to Puglia from Lombardy and the provinces indicated by the new Dpcm on the Coronavirus emergency since yesterday was signed overnight by the president of the Puglia Region. The same governor announced it in a post on Facebook after the news "on the" escape "by hundreds of people who, in view of the entry into force of the Dpcm, have left" Lombardy and the provinces indicated in the decree.

"Considering that the exodus of such a large number of people from the so-called red areas could lead to uncontrolled entry into Puglia of subjects at risk of transmission of the virus, with consequent serious damage to public health" the ordinance provides for all those who "entered Puglia from March 7 from the Lombardy Region and from the provinces" indicated by the new Dpcm "to communicate this circumstance to their general practitioner" to "observe the stay at home with fiduciary isolation for 14 days, to observe the prohibition of travel and travel; to remain reachable for any surveillance activity ". In the event of "symptoms appearing, immediately notify the general practitioner or pediatrician of free choice or the public health operator responsible for any subsequent determination". "Failure to comply with the obligations set out in this order - it is emphasized - will result in sanctioning consequences as per law". The prefects will ensure "the execution of the measures ordered by the following ordinance" which was also sent to the statutory auditors.

Source: ansa

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