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So your carpet will shine in its old glory again - with simple household remedies


To clean the carpet, you can confidently do without expensive products from the drugstore: Because home remedies usually do the job just as well.

To clean the carpet, you can confidently do without expensive products from the drugstore: Because home remedies usually do the job just as well.

If the carpet is used as a doormat, it will soon no longer look so cozy - but even if you handle it carefully, you will have to clean it sooner or later. After all, little troubles happen in every household. Or sometimes the rug just needs a little refresh.

But don't worry: Even those who don't like to swing their cleaning rags so easily can quickly find a remedy with simple tricks and home remedies .

Mineral water tip: This is how the rough damage is fixed

We often prefer to put the carpet in the cleaning room rather than take care of it ourselves. Not only because you save yourself work, but also because the professionals know what they are doing. But if you know the necessary tricks, you can achieve great results even with home remedies - and maybe save a bit of money for expensive cleaners.

In general, mineral water is a useful first aid for a dirty carpet . It doesn't really matter what kind of stain it is - from the red wine drop to the coffee splash, a little mineral water ensures order at the accident site. However, mineral water is not always enough to get rid of stains. Then you should try one of the following home remedies.

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Simply clean the carpet with baking soda

Baking soda can help you with almost any kind of dirt - even with carpet stains, the home remedy works wonders. Sprinkle the powder on a stain and carefully pour hot water on it. This opens the fiber pores. In any case, avoid using boiling water.

After the baking powder has had a contact time of a few hours, you can dab it off again - the stain should have disappeared.

Basic cleaning with detergent: how it works

If you don't have any baking powder at hand, just try detergent - but also in powder form . Here you can also differentiate by color: light carpets are given the white detergent and colored carpets are given the color detergent .

This tip helps above all if you simply want to treat your carpet to cleaning again - on top of that it smells good again. To do this, simply sprinkle the powder on the entire surface of the carpet and massage it in with a brush. After the agent has absorbed all the dirt, you can vacuum over it once - and it will look like new again.

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Clean the carpet with salt: It's easy as pie

Red wine stains cause sleepless nights for carpet owners - how are they ever going to disappear? To do that, you need to act quickly and sprinkle some salt on the stain right after the faux pas. Proceed from the outside in so that the pollution cannot spread any further. The grains of salt then absorb the unsightly stain and can then be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

But if you don't just want to rely on salt, you can also try another ingenious trick: red wine stains can be covered with white wine stains - here you can read how the trick works in detail.

Shaving foam helps to clean the carpet

No carpet foam at hand right now? Then just try it with shaving cream. Put this on the stain and massage it slowly with a brush. Then suck off the agent. But be careful : the shaving cream should not contain any colors or methanol.

Ingenious tip: Even snow cleans your carpet

Would you have thought that Mother Nature can help you with carpet cleaning? If the flooring needs a little freshening up again, just place it outside on the clean snow cover on cold winter days . There it is not completely soaked, but it is cleaned properly.

Then hang it up to dry in a warm room. Of course, this does not work with every carpet: but the trick should help with a small carpet with coarser fibers.

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Carpet cleaning: let vinegar water do the job

You can always rely on vinegar at home. If you mix it in equal parts with water and dab it on the stain, the mixture will ensure a clean carpet. You can also try lemon juice.

However, you should always try the trick first on a part of the carpet that is not so well visible. Because acetic acid can have a bleaching effect on the colors . It is best to use the vinegar water only on light carpets.

Soda wonders for carpet cleaning

Soda should not be missing in any household, because this agent also helps you to clean your home. On top of that, the carpet smells fresh after the treatment - unlike vinegar water.

Sprinkle the powder evenly over the stain and moisten the whole thing with a little water - for example, by pouring some into a spray bottle. Then heat the room a little and wait until everything has dried. Then vacuum the powder residue with the vacuum cleaner.

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Can the carpet be cleaned with soda?

Even soda in liquid form can bring your carpet back into shape. Simply moisten a cloth and add it to the soda solution. Then carefully dab them on the stain in the carpet and give the whole thing some time to act. Then wash the product off very gently with water.

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