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For Sands of the Virus: Separate Maternity Department in Sheba | Israel today


The special women's screening at Sheba will open next week • Allow full separation between Corona sands and other maternity health

The special women's screening will be opened as early as next week • Will allow complete separation between the Corona sands and the rest of the maternity ward • Will also include: dedicated birth rooms and a separate operating room

  • Sheba Hospital. Separate maternity class // Photo Archive: Yossi Seliger

Sheba Hospital will be the first hospital to open a separate women and maternity ward to the Corona Sands or Blue Suspects, as early as next week. This will allow complete separation between the women. The complex will also include dedicated birth rooms and a separate operating room.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, Sheba gave birth at week 36 to her pregnancy with acute dyspnea and other symptoms, so she was treated by protected teams. Due to the clinical condition and advanced week of her pregnancy, the medical team decided to have her delivered immediately by cesarean section, and was immediately taken to Corona for examination. When the positive laboratory response was returned to Corona, the newborn was transferred to continue the ICU for Corona patients.

During yesterday's results, the baby's lab tests returned and it turned out he was not infected. He stays apart from his mother. The hospital also noted that although the mother arrived with shortness of breath and the baby was born in urgent surgery - his condition was good.

"The team that cared for the maternity was properly protected even before we knew she was ill. She came with complaints she didn't suspect. Only after noticing she had respiratory difficulty was a test taken to Corrona. 'Eyal Sivan, Director of the Women and Maternity Division at Sheba.

"It is not obvious that the baby's condition is good, because the woman was in respiratory distress, and as soon as the mother does not receive enough oxygen - the baby could be injured. It was decided to go immediately for surgery without losing time."

In the coming days, probably already on Sunday, a separate screening of women and maternity will be opened in Sheba. Even before entering the screening, there will be a questioning of the women arriving and they will be divided into three groups: women and healthy women will wear a green bracelet, women diagnosed with corona - red bracelet, and women who come from isolation or who have suspected symptoms of Corona will receive a yellow bracelet. All women with a suspected corona will have super-fast corona tests.

Source: israelhayom

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