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To see or to watch again: GoldenEye, James Bond and M bring down the iron curtain


Pierce Brosnan, the fifth 007 in history, began the first of his four missions in 1995 under the direction of Martin Campbell alongside the excellent Judi Dench. The film can be downloaded from Orange or Canal VOD platforms.

It is 1995 and the Berlin Wall has been down for six years already. James Bond, the best spy in the West, lost his dearest ideological enemy, the now ex-USSR. In a renewed spirit, and after the abandonment of the very (too?) Shakespearean Timothy Dalton, the Irish actor Pierce Brosnan will put on at a moment's notice the 007 tuxedo in a film with the emblematic title, GoldenEye. The name of the heavenly residence of the hero's inventor, Ian Fleming.

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In a scenario freed from the Manichean confrontation between East and West, this new James Bond vintage at the end of the 20th century will have to fight independent terrorism co-opted by a former member of MI6, who was once a friend of the most loyal agent secret of his Gracious Majesty.

Driving an Aston Martin, killing your opponents armed with a Walther PPK, seducing the most beautiful women in the world at a blink of an eye ... Pierce Brosnan has dreamed of it for a little decade. As early as 1985, Albert R. Broccoli had thought of him to succeed Roger Moore.

Unfortunately, his engagement with the producers of the hit series Remington Steele had deferred his hopes to the Greek calendars. In 1995, ten years passed but Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the children of the high priest of the cinematographic saga who took over the reins of production, did not forget Pierce Brosnan. In their eyes, he is adorned with all the qualities of an ideal candidate: he displays a little of the charisma of Sean Connery and a tad of the "very British" class of Roger Moore. A sort of paragon of the perfect spy.

Judi Dench, the new boss

Sign of the times, it is the characters around 007 who will give a new patina to these missions which, since at least five films, began to go around in circles. The choice of the excellent Judi Dench in the role of M seems characteristic of this will to renew the very spirit of the Bondian gesture in the cinema.

Now, subject to the orders of an exemplary and professional boss to the tips of the nails, the handsome James will just have to spin smoothly. The mission becomes his only doxa. Facing in GoldenEye an enemy who bears the name of the double-faced Greek god, Janus, the spy really has no more time to gamble ... And even less to the rest of the warrior who regularly enjoyed Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The good kisses from Russia are definitely a thing of the past.

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Bondophile observers who have an ear also remember that Eric Serra, the composer inspired by the Big Blue , will have signed the music for GoldenEye . Its tones, stripped of all emphasis, participated in the hyper-modernity of a harder, more confused mission, characteristic of the post-Cold War era.

Last decisive touch of the atmosphere of this obscure and hard James Bond: the hoarse and deep voice of Tina Turner. More than the screenplay, more than the play of Pierce Brosnan, it marks the beginning of a new era of seriousness and violence which will find its acme ten years later with the advent of Daniel Craig.

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After some films with relatively disappointing results - on the scale of a Bondian blockbuster obviously -, Goldeneye gleaned the trifle of $ 106 million, which places it in 6th place worldwide in the year. For Barbara Broccoli, this audience, which once again approaches the heights, is an encouragement to change the cinematographic image of the hero of Ian Fleming.

The high priestess has now understood that her hero has a philosophy and an ability to adapt that can be exploited at will. An idea shared by university professor Aliocha Wald Lasowski, who has just released The Five Secrets of James Bond (Max Milo). According to him 007 is a disciple of Nietzsche and his Gay Knowledge . To the question, "how do you manage to survive?", The spy answers: "I revel in the beauty of the world ..." . 007, an esthetic assassin, what!

Orange or Canal VOD platforms allow you to see or review GoldenEye. E n As an appetizer Le Figaro present below images, the trailer of the film.

GoldenEye by Martin Campbell, in 1995, with Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Judi Dench ...

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